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HandRubbing/Towel Rubbing Method

Jah-Jah Warrior
4 years ago
7 posts
I got more than 2 yrs locking but i started out the sectioning with 2strand twists. I never retwisted again nor handrubbing or palmroll nothing, just freeforming washing n separateI wish i could have started with just full free forming or light rubbing just for the sectioning, because till this day most of my tips still have the 2strand twist texture, it takes a pretty long time for it to frizz up shrinking n fully knot itself out of the 2strand twist textureAvoid starting off with 2 strand or braids, it will take way longer than it should to lock up naturally-Bless-
updated by @jah-jah-warrior: 07/22/15 11:57:13PM
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