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Twist & Rip Guilt.....WHY?

the Barrellady
5 years ago
1,302 posts

Over the past year I have read many posts, if I had a photographic memory, I would be a dread encyclopedia by now. What I've noticed is the amount of people who think that doing twist & rip dreads is cheating. Why is that??? Once made, if not too tight, they loosen up, some fall out, and they begin their journey. They still loop, zig zag, & shrink and do their thing to becoming mature dreads. Once mature, they are beautiful, just like neglect dreads are beautiful. I did T&R and am approaching the tail end of my journey. I did not cheat, I grew my dreads...I did not cheat, I went through crazy messy stages just like neglect dreads.....I did not cheat, I kept them all natural.....I did not cheat, I wanted to see how I would look with dreads first....I did not cheat, I grew more from within just like others who went totally neglect.

So new members, please do not let anyone make you feel like you cheated when you decided to twist & rip your dreads, it is the next best method to neglect dreads. You are not a cheater, you are a lover of dreads. The neglect method is not for everyone! Enjoy them, enjoy your journey GUILT FREE.....peace

Thanks for understanding and not refer to us as cheating anymore!

updated by @the-barrellady: 01/13/15 09:56:13PM
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