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Styling Dredz Wax removal help

5 years ago
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My roots are hard from using stylin dreds gel wax. My dreads look gud but I now know that wax is bad and slows down dreading.

Here is a link to the wax:

Has anyone used this before and how do i get it out. I dont have money for wax-be gone or similar. I was thinking I just use baking soda / ACV rinse till its all out. I had only used the wax 2 times.

Any help is appreciated.


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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no baking soda and acv will not do the trick and thatrs alot of chemicals and stuff

i would try very hot water and lots and lots of dawn dish soap and scrub like crazy and repeat repear repeat over and over but u might need to get wax b gone

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5 years ago
9 posts
Ok cool. I'll fry that. What if I just leave it. Won't tha new hair lock?
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