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The TRUTH about dread wax and crochet tools (at least for me)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,421 posts


many people hate to ever admit they made a mistake.. or were scammed

i have a freind whos a cop..a swat team cop (with dreads) the 1st time he was contacted by a nigerian scammer a guy claiming to be the son of a diplomat who wanted to give him 14 million dollars.. he was ready to ghand over 5,000 to get the 14 million he refused to believe he was being scammed untill i showed him the fbi infio papers on the nijerian scam

even then he didnt believe me till the guysuggested he should give him his bank account info to make the transfer easier and since i told him to expect that then when it happened he finaly believed me

some people just have that personality thatthey refi]use to adnit they might have made a mistake no matter how much evidence there is

i have a feeling this kids like that and wont realize his mistake til they are too far gone to save

if i was a boss tho and he came into work looking like give him a red nose and big funny shoes to compleye the image

im not saying that to be mean im just saying if you felt that u had to do thast to keep a job you are sadly mistaken..cause it looks sillier..and weirder then even if u went neglect and were a real mess (as in not seperating and letting it become a massive head of dreads all joined into 1)

reality is tho only natural dreads are protected by law as a spiritual expression so by making them the way u did u screwed yourself out of yoir only legal deffence

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

updated by @soaring-eagle: 07/23/15 03:24:39PM
Jamison Johnston
6 years ago
17 posts
Bob Ngarly
5 years ago
163 posts

you reap what you sew. If you sew two months of wax and impatience into your hair, what you reap will reflect that.

as for my hair i will sew only love and patience.

after all dreads were around much longer than crochet hooks and dread wax. like the guy above said, if it doesn't work out, i can start crocheting and filling my dreads with wax after the fact that i tried to go the low maintenance natural route.. However i see no need for that because some of my hair is dreaded after only 3 weeks naturally and history is on our side. I have never heard of anyone finding wax in their hair when they started naturally.. Ive never seen anyone have to cut their natural locks off for any reason. But i have seen thousands of people cut them off for waxing and crocheting. history repeats itself. I guess its up to you which side of the story you will be on.


melanie rose
5 years ago
177 posts
Woah.. is that really what you call good progress dude? They look horrendous! Very fake. What a pity.. we'll see you in a yr when your most likely bald or full of mold ;)
Stephen Wagner
4 years ago
4 posts

Dreadhead HQ!

I said long ago that i would return to this page 1 year later to declare that crochet (and wax) when used safely can be a good method for dreadlocks (especially those with straight, thin, blondie hair)

Well i never did come back that year, because i decided to wait longer for best results.

And so, here we are, nearly 2 1/2 years later, and i must say I am very happy with my locks.

My conclusions go as follows; Crochet is DEFINITELY a fantastic method for straight haired people (or anyone looking to get a cleaner look, faster, for work, etc)

Wax, well i will admit it can be very dangerous if misused (and 90% of the time, it is)

Would i use it again? That truly depends. I think i would not use it for the entire length of my hair, as i do enjoy the more natural look and admittedly ive had to rip a couple ends off from damage. The only real senario id use wax again would be to blunt tips in straight hair, and use A LOT less than i did before. I stand by my statement that when used VERY sparingly, it can be majorly helpful.

However, i probably wouldnt reccomend wax to a friend as that specific precision/ratio of use is difficult and risky.

In summary, i give crochet a standing ovation and wax a sort of "eh. whatever"

I think this has been a fantastic dreadlock journey and there many years to come. Unlike soaring eagles declaration that my hair would fall out, it has not.

I wouldnt say he was wrong, i would say that we were both wrong and both right at the same time.

Anyhow, here they are. Humbly, id say with honestly that I get almost daily complements and most people are astonished how blonde dreads can look so organized, clean, and neat. Many people may disagree, or would prefer a different method, and thats okay! In my own, entitled, personal opinion, I wouldnt want them any other way.

Thanks for your shared comment, for listening, and for your time. Good day!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
28,421 posts

i never said it would fallout i saiod you severely damaged it and continue to and eventualy if you keep it up they absolutely can be destroyed

your just fooling yourself and you are most lilly not going to have them for years to comke

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
28,421 posts

and wax is never safe to use in any ammount you need to get the wax b gone and get that crap out of there

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
4 years ago
14 posts
Wow...why all the hostility towards OP? Personally,I'm going the neglect route & am totally happy with my choice & would recommend the same path to anyone who was looking to start locs but I seriously don't care what choices others make for their hair and don't see how ridiculing & making fun of someone's locs is productive or positive.OP was respectful & peaceful in his posts & I think the rudeness in others replies was pretty uncool. Live & let live,hey? A simple "whatever floats your boat" probably would have sufficed...
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
28,421 posts

btw someone saying 'they look so organized' isnt a compliment

its a joke

or they are completely clueless too

after all

to mant this is called "soo organized'

wich is severe traction alopecia

80% hair loss

and be 'organized' organization requires severe destruction when it comes to dreads..its a code word for severely damaged

ive had people on youtube say mine looked so organized and i took it as an insult not a compliment

every single time you see dreads that are "organized' its guaranteed that they are doing things wrong ..damaging ..even devestating to gwet that way

this poor woman will take a year at least with daily effort to regrow her hair if she stopped the organizing today..if its not already past hope

see this is where your biggest mistake is

thinking dreads should be organized

or can be safekly

yes you can get away with it a short time

it took her years to get this bad

very very few have total distruction in just 2 years

yes with the methods you use its absolutely possible to cause absolute disaster in just months

in just 2 months of daily crochet you can lose your dreads

weekly it might take a couple years monthly a few years

but rrest assured what you do today has permenent affect the more you do it the longer you do it the harder it is to recover if your able to at all

its clear you still crochet today...why? if its so wonderful and helpful why wasnt it a 1 shot and done deal?

\your still crocheting cause your still harming them and trying to repair the harm youve done

it will never end...untill it ends

untill the damage is so far progressed theres no hope

dont be proud ofhowe organized they are..worry about why thats so important worry aboiut what youve done to get to that point

and make the right choice and try to recover

so heres my challenge to you

start today

remove the wax!

throw the hook in the trash

in a year without thewax and the hook then come back and telkl us how great it much you missed it

cause i guarantee once you stop and try to recover then you will see 1st hand the damage youve done

it takes 3 years to recover from 1 crochet use typically

5-8 maybe 10 years from now you will still see all the tell tale signs most likely the new growth will be healthier ofcourse butthe ends will bestiff scratchy way more frizzy and odviosly damaged and "organized" for many years to come

once youve gone a year without it you will absolutely regret ever useing wax or the hook

in factthe day you remove the wax you'll realize will take alot longer with the hook cause at 1st you will see messiness and think see i knew i needed the hook to stay neat

but then it will get worse and worse and you'll realize that it was caused by the will see so many damaged broken hairs popping out everrywhere

for 1st 3 months you will wish you could hook again probly

but by 6 you'll be scared to

by a year you will be wishing you necver used it and might even be considering starting over

by 3 years hook free you'll be wondering if they will ever recover andbehealthy again

at no point gbetweeen years 1 and 5 will that thought of starting over ever leave your head

if you make it to 5-8 you might adopt a "whats done is done" attitude and just move on

but even beyond that theres still a fair chance you may 1 day decide to start over

so ..can you meet that challenge? ill buy the wax b gone for you if you want

but then in a year you come back and update us on how much you regret using these methods

i..and in fact i can safely speak for every 1 of us wether we used them or not,.have absolutely no doubts whatsoever that if you start the recovery and give it a year thattheres absoluttely no way yiud ever go back to the hook

i'm so sure of it i'll make you a wager and i bet others would be so secure they'd put in thier $ too

well...that is if your honnest enough

id be willing to say that if you remove the wax and go a year withoutthe hook

id giveyou 1000 dollars if you honnestly felt you should continue to hook

'if you decide to stop the hook forever you'd owe me 100..hell 10 even

id even go as far as a dollar

and im certain other hook and wax victtims would be willingto put in a few bucks too

ofcourse that would depend on your honnesty and greed and beingthat your willing to do that to your dreeads not sure id trust ya on thast

but doesnt matter wether you lie about it or are greedy dont matter after all im willingto risk 1000 to win 100 or 10 or even 1

so if you want to lie andtake mymoneyyou can

but the challenge is made u remove the wax throw away the hook and come back in a year to report

oct 4th 2015 you'll get 1000 if you want it

i live on next to nothing soi you'll be getting evcery cent i got fir a couple of months and will be lucky to have a couple hundred again by xmass to spend so i hope u take that into concideration when you are decidingt wether to be honnest and take my $ or thank mefor saving your dreads

so..the year starts today or the day you read this and toss the hook andstart the wax removal

though warning..if 1000 isnt enough insentive im certain others wilo add to it till its 10,000 or even 100,000 but then the bets a 10% bet not 1% or 0.1%

so if others ick in to save your dreads if it gets to 10 grand youd owe us 1000

if its just me hell make it 1000 vs 1 penny

no risk to yiou..just a big incentive tio save yiur dreads

but in that year i want a full report with detailed photos taken every 2 months macro close ups too showingall thge damage done

as well as pics of what comes out when you remove the wax

detailed analysis of texture and feel changes etc etc

keep in mind that it wilo still take years to lose the stiffness and harsh crochetted look ,.,, a years barely enough time to see any recovery at all in fact most likely all you will see is the harmj youve done and no recovery beyondthe instant diferences from the wax removal

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
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