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essential oils for dreads and scalp health

Gavin Parsons
5 years ago
8 posts

This is so informative...I immedietly got on here freaking out because of dandruff but if I would have just read a little more, smh. Thanks everybody!

updated by @gavin-parsons: 07/23/15 08:56:19AM
Emem Obong
5 years ago
1 posts
Hello Soaring Eagle,For the dandruff treatmentDandruff:5 drops Lemon1 drop Rosemary cineol or Sage1 drop LavenderDilute this 50:50 and massage into scalp. Leave on. Go do something. Do with your usual rinse into 1 qt/liter of water.Is Rosemary oil same as rosemary cineol?Is clary sage same as just sage?Must I rinse the oils out?How many times a week can I repeat this application?Thanks so much and Sorry for the many questions.
2 years ago
30 posts

This is an old but good thread! I recently used essential oil for the first time, and I liked how it looked and felt on my hair, but I am wondering how much it might slow down the dreading process? Is it kind of a no-no while trying to get dreads to begin with? I have lots of baby dreads and lots of loose hair still, so I am wondering if it's better to wait until I have mostly mature dreads? My hair tends to stay nice and dry in general.

Also, I have seen some people adding essential oil to their sea salt lock accelerator.... is this defeating the purpose of using an accelerator, or is it good for preventing itch and over-drying? Thanks in advance for any advice!

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