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baking soda and water theory

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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yea your right i wasnt even thinking bout getting it exact just though if the water was alkaline enough to matter a very small amount would shift it back towards nuetral

Panterra Caraway said:

Excuse me, I am a licensed hairstylist of 31 years and this "theory" doesn't fly. You can not accurately adjust the ph without looking at a million variables that SE is not taking into account. The results will be totally off. It just isn't that simple and to imply that is is shows the lack of understanding in this particular area. I realize he is trying to help, but it is not a workable solution. So yes, I have tried it...just a little bit over 31 years.

greenblayza said:

Though he did say neutral in his original post, I think what SE is getting at is a quick and easy way to make a situation better. A few trial and error attempts with some lemon juice seems like a pretty easy experiment with the possibility of a solution. I'm no scientist but if you can get the ph closerto neutral I think you'd be better off. By saying it's a "Fail" is a pretty negative way to look at some advice - unless you've tried it of course

Panterra Caraway said:

Yeah, this is a possibility...but the biggest problem is that you would have to test the ph of your hair, water and all substances used to get an accurate reading and then, use highly controlled amounts and proportions of each thing to get as close as possible to balanced ph. Thus, turning shower time into a mathmetic equation...not doable. Fail.

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