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Dr Bronners leaving residue, maybe?

7 years ago
16 posts
I've been washing my dreads with Dr Bronners and rinsing with a vinegar rinse. But when I'm washing, my dreads have this strange, almost sticky feel to them. When they are dry they feel fine, but when wet they feel rather unpleasant. Not sure if it's Dr b, my water, or the vinegar I'm using (it's not apple cider vinegar, dunno if that even makes a difference?) This has just started and I haven't changed anything so that's why I was thinking a build up of residue. Also, because I have a slight build up of flakes on my scalp. Any thoughts? Could Dr B be leaving residue? All sorts of advice is really appreciated!
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Black Rose
7 years ago
14 posts
I actually had a similar problem and asked the same question! My hair was sticky when wet, and looked kind of greasy when it was dry, even though it didn't feel greasy. My hair was soooo sticky when it was wet, it would stick to my skin. It was almost as though it had an adhesive on it. At the time, I was using baking soda and white distilled vinegar. I stopped using the vinegar, and my hair gradually lost the stickiness. I occasionally still use the vinegar, and after I rinse, my hair will feel slightly tacky. So at the moment, I'm attributing ithe stickiness to the white vinegar. I'm now using Dr. Bronner's and have no stickiness.
David Dade
7 years ago
39 posts
I have the same problem I use Dr.B's and a ACV rinse not sure which is causing the stickyness butI read some where that if you dont dilute Dr.B's this can happen. I dont dilute
7 years ago
16 posts
Thank you all for your replies! They have all helped. I haven't been diluting my Dr B's and the vinegar I use is coconut based, which I definitely think is contributing to the strange sticky feeling. I'll try diluting and switching vinegar. Thanks again for all the help :)
7 years ago
140 posts
If you are going to use Doctor Bronners then you should wash your dreads with cold water to remove any lather. White vinegar should not be used at all when it comes to dreads.
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