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dreadlocks shampoo review new detox deep cleanse

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
2 years ago
28,421 posts has done it again, this time with a new liquid deep cleanse shampoo thats bamboo charcoal based for a super deep cleanse that leaves scalp and dreads super clean and happy.

It comes in a smaller bottle then the lockin up liquid, a pump bottle in fact. its thick and rather concentrated a few lil blobs is all you need for a thick lather and deep penetrating clean.

I actually used it on my whole body yesterday and wowit was amazing, however the bamboo charcoal as an ingredients not cheap so thats not the best use of it.

want to know how clean it gets your hair?  I had a germaphobe freind over, he dropped by like 5 minutes after i got done washing my dreads so they were soaked, and ofcourse said something about how you can never really get dreads clean and theres all kinds of bacteria and germs  stuckk in them (not true ofcourse) so to prove him wrong, i put a thick 1 in my mouth and sucked the water out of it taking a nice big drink tasted filtered and delicious!

2 things to note, 1  i don't normally drink thye water in this house cause it tastes dusty and dirty, even after putting it throgh a britta filter, and 2 i used the shampoo on my scalp and top 4-6 inches then rinsed it through the rest, the part i took the drink from was 3/4  of the way down..down past my toes on the part that drags on the ground

after using the shampoo, the rinse water itself seemed cleaner ..more purified and as the name suggests  ..detoxified shampoos all clean super well but this stuff is really a dread detox that leaves them with a real pure clean, like nothing else could

charcoal is often used in water filters and purifiers and i can really say it does the same for purifying your dreads

note, like the charcoal bars, there is absolutely no scent, just pure clean

these are new products available now but not yet up on the site, expect them soon however

hopefully as soon as tomorow after i talk to her they will be up

the detox is probably best used every couple months instead of as an everyday shampoo, and can be really helpful on scalp and skin issues.

use sparingly when you require a extra deep cleanse ..its precious stuff don't over use it \

if you ever  get your dreads really dirty, with stuff you don't think will wash out easily then i would give this a try 1st and foremost because it really is an amazing superiour clean

this is probably the 1st product she didnt ask for my opinion on a name, and thats cause detox was the perfect name for it...

i feel pretty confident that it would wash out most really toxic stuff and still leave yyour hair purely clean

those who tried the charcoal bars loved them and hoped a liquid version would come out soon.. and now it has

just not similar to the lockin up liquid, if i had to compare it, id say its more like a clarifying shampoo, just not toxic like clarifying shampoos are

when you try it please add your impressions in replies

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

updated by @soaring-eagle: 07/06/16 10:59:33AM
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