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new dreadlocks shampoo deep cleanse charcoal dread shampoo review

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
3 years ago
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Vicki from did it again, a new product will be launched soon, (i tested the prototype

1st off it does not have the delicous scents we expect from vickis dreadlocks shampoos. Being a prototype I think more versions with the scents we love will be soon to follow.

this is a dark black bar, it lathers extremely well...and  the clean.. Well I have always had a problem scalp, vickis soaps were always the only ones that cAme close to keeping it under control, but I often had to put oils on my nose, ears and neck right fter washing... Not this time! I only used it a few hoirs ago so its too soon to say  its the best anti dandruff shampoo for dreads, but it seems like it maybe! I will reply in a couple days with how my scalp seems then.

Additionaly, with 10 foot long 25 year old dreads that have dragged on the ground for at least 8 years I had an embarrassing ammount of lint near the ends. I did a 1/2 assed job  scrubbing the ends with the bar and it seems like  it removed most if not all!

The 1 drawback besides the lack of the  droolworthy scents is it seemed to sting a little more when it got in my eye, most likely due to the grittiness of the charcoal even though it seemed to be microfine.

Even without the scents vickis dreadlocks  shampoos are well known for my hairs never felt so clean nor smelled so perfectly clean..The complete lack of any residual scent just adds to the clean feeling.

If you love  the other dreadlocks shampoos, and  if you still do an ocassional baking soda deep cleanse I'd recomend this as a far healthier  deep cleanse alternative...It's like a detox for your dreads!

It is also amazing for any skin issues you have anywhere from dry to oily  pattches, pimples name it (at least from my 1st experiment it seems to work wonders on a wide variety of skin issues)



27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

updated by @soaring-eagle: 10/05/15 06:46:25AM
3 years ago
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i got the charcoal bar two days ago and used it yesterday and i have to write a review now !

Well first soaring eagle is right is doesnt smell as powerfull as most of vickis stuff does but still nice imo

and also ive got to say that it IS hurting a bit more when you get it in the eye but actually it doesnt last long so this is no real problem

so now that ive told you everything that may be seen as negative aspects, i will come to how good it actually works!

well as SE said it leathers good as all of her bar soaps does and you dont need much it feels really good on your scalp and washes out as easily as the other soaps but it leaves them extra clean and dready !

 after my hair dryd it doesnt felt too dry or something but dreadier than how it is when i use a normal bar or even the liquid of Vickis dreadlock shampoo !

Also i havent got any dry skin or itchy scalp or something it just leaves you super clean and healthy all over!

I will definetly prefer this charcoal bar to the baking soda wash in the future!

thats it , i would say this is a really good creation of a new deep cleaning dreadlock shampoo bar and got to say thank you Vicki at this point for this new masterpiece!


just for information purposes : i have curly hair with 7 or 8 inches of hair and been dreading for alsmost 3 months






3 years ago
30 posts

This would be great!!

Though I just ordered a set to max out the shipping cost couple of weeks ago. Enjoying Vicki's products now though I'm still dealing with the random flakey/itchy stuff. Hopefully my hair would soon adjust to this washes and go back to normal and just being neglect.

But yeah, looking forward to having a hand on this new product, will surely include on the next purchase.

More great products from Vicki = more happy dreaddy community. 

Peace out!

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