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2 years ago
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Day 3 of Natural Dreads. My hair is knotting more but my hair feels very oily and soft. I have been having shampoo issues. At first I was going to use Dr. Bronners but we have hard water so it made my hair feel like I didn't wash it at all. So I bought this Jamaican Castor Oil soap and mistook castor for castile.... felt great after wash but feels too soft. I woke up with an oily head this morning so I mixed some baking soda, ACV, tea tree oil, lemon oil and lemon juice together and washed my hair with that. It feels better but now that it's ending the day it feels oily again.... I ordered some from per the advice on this site. Will this help my naturally oily hair dread easier?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
2 years ago
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yes it will but mixing all those ingredients caused a violent chemical reaction and a diferent chemical solution then what you wanted to use

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