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possible class action lawsuite against dread wax selling companies

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
28,275 posts

we have had so many thousands of victims of dread wax come through here and theres been literally millions of victims world wide

so it was decided that we should look into contacting a lawyer and initiating a class action lawsuite

now victims of dread wax arent likely to get much in the way of compensation from such a suite unless you were willing to persue a personal..not class action suite

but a class action with thousands or tens of thousands of victims named sends a clear message not only to the companies but to all future would be victims.

a personal lawsuite is still an option but then to some can appear that your simply butthurt over not liking the results and can appear a more frivolous lawsuite

although if the class action doesnt pan out id still recommend dozens or hundreds pursue personal lawsuites to send a very clear message

will update soon as things develop

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updated by @soaring-eagle: 01/13/15 10:06:40PM
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