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♥ Goddess Perfume now at ♥

4 years ago
22 posts

I bugged Vicki a little bit because the Goddess shampoo bar smells sooo darn good... So although at this very moment it is not on the site it will be soon & if you want it just message her... she has rollerball or spray & prices are very good!

Anyway my review is if you love the soap you'll love the perfume... is amazing!! I adore it... & it's a little bit unique too which is always good right!! ((()))

updated by @tattinatti: 01/13/15 10:05:01PM
2 years ago
35 posts

ARE YOU SERIOUS????? that is so awesome!!! :D goddess is possibly the best smelling....well, anything, ive ever smelled!

Thanks for bugging her, i have a female friend who isnt dreaded who will be buying some very soon ^_^

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