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Diluting shampoo and sea salt use?

Levi Caribou
3 years ago
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I'm planning on buying some liquid shampoo from and have a couple questions:

1) I understand prefference comes into play here, but is it better to start with liquid or bar shampoo? I've just made my dread lock pact last night using the organic method and am not sure which would be better to start with.

2) in the event that I buy the liquid shampoo, would diluting it be a good idea? Or is its default concentration the best to work with forming dreads?

3) Can their sea salt accelerator be used right from the get go--or should I wait for dreads to already being forming before tampering with sea salt?


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
3 years ago
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1 liquid for young dreads

2 no dilution needed

3 yes u can use it from day 1

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Levi Caribou
3 years ago
6 posts

awesome thanks!

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