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Help with dandruff

5 years ago
38 posts
Hello everyone I've been dreading for about 2 and a half years now and I feel I have tried everything to get rid of my dandruff an nothing seems to work, done the bs acv rinse, dreadlocks shampoo bar, and desert essence tea tree organics lemon. I've tried using shampoo that DOES have all the chemicals an nasty things that cause residue buildup an I no longer get dandruff, I really don't want to use these and I feel I've tried to go organic so much and it doesn't seem to work for me (I do live in a area of hard water) so if anyone has suggestions for me I would greatly appreciate it!
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Ojas Acharya
5 years ago
173 posts

have you tried coconut oil...? it always used to help me with dandruff when i didnt have dreads. i dont use it now because my dreads arent mature and coconut oil is very conditioning. since ur dreads are 2 n a half years old i'll assume they are mature enough n might take a lil bit of coconut oil conditioning. just take very less and massage on the scalp.

if u dont wanna do that maybe u can try drops of essential oils like rosemary, patchouli, tea tree etc. i have started rinsing my hair with rosemary n tea tree oil mixed in water and let them be. i dont wash it off. u can try jojoba too. it can be a good dandruff treatment. do u have an aloe vera plant at home..? if not buy that and use the pure aloe vera gel. it can help too. good luck brother. hope u'll get more suggestions. keep us updated with ur progress. peace.

the Barrellady
5 years ago
1,302 posts

Here are some links that can help you. The first one is for essential oils

This one is for a deep deep cleanse

are you using ACV after your baking soda wash?

Wash you dreads in cooler water, not hot, and then when you are finished, rinse you head in cold, yes cold water, as cold as you can take. This has helped many people with dandruff.

Go to the top of the site and click the tab members, at the top a list of hair and scalp specialists are on there, send a message to these members to help you out also. Don't worry, we'll get you fixed soon, relief for your head. (A dandruff shampoo, even diluted, will leave behind a residue with hard water). Oh yeah, when you use the baking soda wash, boil your water first, since it is hard, and let it cool down.....Peace

5 years ago
1,291 posts

bs/acv didn't work for my dandruff either. in fact it made it worse. the dreadlock shampoo bars work quite well for me. it takes care of most of my dandruff. if you really need to use a dandruff shampoo then look for a clear one like t-gel. stay away from head and shoulders which has a bunch of conditioning ingredients which will cause knots to loosen and leave residue. always dilute a squirt or two of shampoo in a big cup or bottle of water. this will help to distribute the shampoo more evenly on your scalp plus it will reduce the likelihood of residue being left behind. i would also alternate the dandruff shampoo with a more dread friendly wash.

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