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[HELP] what is the best way for me to make my new growth knot up?

6 years ago
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Can you tell me what you mean by hair wrap and peyote stitch? What are these things and how might one do this to one's hair? The dread in the very front of my head, at the tip of my forehead looks like it's about to break off (because of previous root rolling when I didn't know what I was doing...I don't do that anymore) now with the new growth, it looks awful. It looks like the dread it holding on by a few strands. But it's the first dread you see when you look at my face! How can I remedy this? Would I want some sort of stitch on this? Only thing is, it is like an inch from the root...

soaringeagle said:
lil slow download for me but its ok

on the rubber bands
if the roots are really giving u trouble and keep doing it for months dont use rubber bands instead use a bead, or hair wrap
rubber bands cause too much problems

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