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I get why people use wax now...

4 years ago
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Even at other sites I have seen such bad horror stories from people who have tried to actively manipulate their hair into dreads. Not only do I really admire the uniqueness and inimitable quality of slow-grown free-form dreads, but I would frankly be petrified to repeat some of those horror stories that I have heard about with wax, crocheting, etc.

Lisa Wade said:

Ever since coming to this site I have become more aware of just letting my dreads do their thing.

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4 years ago
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Looking mature and being mature are very different. People who manipulate dreads sacrifice strength for appearance (lots of people are more concerned about outward appearances than integrity in life as well. Its cool to me that growing dreads parallels some life lessons and makes them more pronounced and recognizable. at least to me)..but even at that their dreads don't look nearly as beautiful. Their dreads look stiff and you can see the little broken hairs sticking out. and to think that there are people people who profit off of others insecurity is sick. I personally feel more beautiful now than I ever did before. More intensely myself. people talk about perfect. No such thing. Not on this earth. It's about how you feel. Your personal best.
4 years ago
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Same here(about encouraging a natural start).People are really misinformed alot of the time!!! and then you have those people that reinforce that misinformation.

Desirae Rose said:

I used wax to start my first set because that's all anyone I asked would say. Lesson learned, and a mistake I'll never make again.

Now if I'm asked by other people about starting, I advocate doing so as naturally as possible. Maximum cleanliness, little manipulation, plenty of time and patience. ^_^

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