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washing hair

k money
6 years ago
114 posts

I was wondering if it would be a problem if i washed my hair everyday? I sweat like crazy at my job and my hair feels nasty when i get home. Some background: My dreads are a little over 4 months and im still waiting for the much anticipated shrinkage. would washing daily slow the dreading process or cause too many loose hairs or anything?

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Rainbow Fortune
6 years ago
124 posts

I believe you should be OK for as long as your hair has enough time to dry. If it is damp most/all the time, it could develop mold.

k money
6 years ago
114 posts

ok thanks i should be ok then

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,334 posts

it wont slow proigress they will be fuzzier buut so what

the only think g is to make surw they arent always damp

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Karrington <3
6 years ago
98 posts

I wash mine pretty much every day too.. I have to wear a hat at work and my head has never been fond of the damn things. I would suggest that if you wash every day, to wring them out and gently pat them dry with a towel or chill in the sun for a bit.. :D

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