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Beanie while sleeping?

Carlos Baca
6 years ago
7 posts

I'm 3 weeks into dreads, not looking togreatand they keep falling out. my wife back combs them once a week since they fall out. This week we used "locking gel" to help keep them from falling out and the mrs. thinks that i should sleep with a beanie hat on. what do think???

oh and i wash the dreads once a week with super diluted dawn and rinse with water in the shower twice a week since i work in a very dirty place.

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6 years ago
16 posts

Personally, I think you should just let them be. no more back combing. Let them form naturally now, it may take a bit longer, but your hair will thank you in the end. Dreads take a lot of patience, so just hang in there!

James Turk
6 years ago
107 posts

Backcombing is very damaging. Let them form naturally or do twist and rip. Wash with baking soda/ACV rinse. You can try the beanie, it won't hurt, but you'll probably find it on the floor when you wake up.

Tara C
6 years ago
645 posts

Backcombing sometimes comes loose again, but you shouldn't re-backcomb. If they come loose, leave them alone and be patient and they'll dread. I backcombed mine very loosely, and yeah they came loose, but they dreaded anyway. Re-backcombing will just stop it making progress cos you're constantly messing with it. Sleeping in a beanie...I don't know, some people say that sleeping on a wool tam helps, but for some people it makes their hair congo like crazy. Three weeks isn't a long time, so just stay patient. Try a sea salt spray, that might help you a bit too, but make sure to wash it off again after a while.

Carlos Baca
6 years ago
7 posts

Alright thanks everyone!

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