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Dreads too tight! Causing mold or buildup. My dreadlocks also seem too dry!

7 years ago
2 posts

My dreads are about 3 months along. I'm African American and I decided to use the "twist and rip" method because I was told it made locks look more formed at the beggining. Now I'm not sure if I did them right, OR SOMETHING,because of the following problems:

They are really tight(not at the scalp at all-just the rest of it).

The roots are thinning and the rest of the dread is bulky or has most of the hair. This is probably because I didn't find a moisturizer for the first month + and my hair was so dry that the roots were joining and I had to keep pulling them apart.

Next, because my hair is so tight, I suspect it'scontaining product and water thusbuildup. My hairis to smelling kind ofstrange-not a good smell.

Additional info.: WAX HAS NEVER TOUCHED MY HAIR-thanks to everyone here. :)

I only use coconut oil as a moisturizer. (1 month now)

I have used Garnier Fructis shampoo withaddedGrapefruit extract and natural protein for 2 months. Iwashed with it every 4 days or as needed.(After washing I applieda small amount of coconut oil).As of a few days ago INO LONGERus this shampoo.

I've tried the baking powder solution to replace the shampoobut that did not take away all the smell.

-Iam now usingNuetrogenaAnti-ResidueShampoo.I got it 2 days ago. I've used it 3times but myhair still faintly smells bad.

About a week ago I attempted to take care of the loose hairs by wrapping them (tightly) around my dreads.

My hairtakesliterally all day to dry.

If anyone could help I would be extremely grateful!! Thank you!

updated by @epiphany: 01/13/15 09:15:09PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,419 posts

dont bother doindg anything about the loose hairs

but if u suspect a mold issue y this

step 1 white vinager and lavender oil 3/4 white vinager 1/4 water and 30-50 drops lavender oil

pour on and leave on 24 hours

if its not too cold sun dry

if it is blow dery

u can also try sprayong on a stri=ong thyme tea and leave on

the cocanut oil might build up and cause that nutragena will take care of that but..nutragena anti resu=idue i think smells like dirt!

so dont judsgge the smell while using that

if u really have mold and that dont kill it then neem seed oil will but neem also smells like earth..a bitter dirt smell but it kills everything

unfortunatly it also hardens at room temp so u will have to do a hot shower mayne nutregena to remove it if u use yoo much

mold and mildew has a strong funky smell that will surround u and be pretty least if its rreal set in if its just a lil bit it wont be as strong

it probly isnt mold at just 3 months but it could be but m,more oikely its just a naty=ural hair smell your not used to?

id also recomend they will keep your dreads in good shape and smelling amazing and u may not even need to condition or moisyurize much if u do try..aloe..or africas best hair oils aloes probly best

how thick are your dreads

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
7 years ago
2 posts

Thank you so much!! Tons of options!!

Nuetrogena does smell terrible!! To me, it smells like really strong cologne.

Pretty much all the dreads at the back of my head are pencil sized. The ones toward the front are about 2 pencil sizes though. (I sectioned the front and my mom sectioned the back).

Is mildew a lot like mold? Can buildup smell like either of the two? Do you think moisturizing will loosen them up properly?

7 years ago
35 posts

Not an expert, but I'm pretty sure mildew is mold.. Yo dreads thinnin sounds like you overtwist ed/in . Tha neutrogena anti residue i got ain't got no smell lol.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,419 posts

mildew and mold are simular i think but not the same but im no expert either lol

if they are that thin its surprising they are causing trouble so early

ke might be right about twistin and tryin to foece em to tighten plus many with african hair use a t of products which do build up but nutregebna should remove it all in one use (as li[ong as u dont addd more)

things that will help loosen em a bit

aloe jojoba olive oil

of those aloes gonna reinde iout easiest

if it was mold the smell would be unmistakable a very unhealthy smell like a refrigerator thats been left unplugged for weeks and everything weent bad and molded

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
Kid Ayn Gibran
7 years ago
25 posts

Say dread. Twist and rip is not for our hair type. You honestly would've been better off with just twisting and leaving your hair alone. But whats done is done.

Black folks hair is naturally fragile and is not elastic like other hair types so our roots have to be strong to bear the weight of the hair that is dreaded. This is why black women braid their hair to make it grow faster. Our hair individually is extremely weak and breaks when too long, but when braided or dreaded long weak stands become stronger as one (like a single stick compared to a bundle of sticks). Everybody's roots join, but our hair IMO benefits the most from this. When you rip your roots you are weakening your dreads support system. If you do separate only do so with SINGLE loose stands of hair that is wet. Once your roots are rooted or anchored I wouldn't force them apart. Also stop twisting. You're gonna twist your dreads right off.

The smell if, like SE said, it doesn't smell like a refrigerator gone bad is merely the natural smell of your hair and scalp. It's what I call head sweat and is a byproduct of your body purifying itself much like BO and is unique to each person. Like what your hat or durag smells like after wearing it for awhile.

No need to mess with the loose strands. They will either marry into a nearby dread or a bunch of your loose strands will dread into one new dread.

As far as buildup is concerned I would use that neutrogena only once to remove any buildup you can. But remember. Any product you put in your will leave some buildup. A lot of these non-residue shampoos have oils in them which do not completely rinse out, hence the scent they leave behind. However, they leave behind the least amount of residue. I would use a castille soap/shampoo like Dr. Bronner's, or Kirk's castille soap. and also an herbal rinse of mint tea, rosemary, and sage. Check out Cupidvalentino1's videos on youtube for more info.

I don't understand what you mean by your dreads are too tight? You have to realize that our hair curls like no either. So when you assist this process I guess you twisted your hair tightly then your hair naturally twisted itself, which our hair does. If you want to loosen them one thing I did to to moisturize my hair was I cut a stalk off my aloe vera plant and rubbed the juices on my hair. I let it set for awhile then I rinsed. Super soft. Or you can use acv, which I now avoid, after a baking soda wash, and that will loosen your dreads.

Blow dry your hair on a cool/cold setting or drive with the windows down.

I used to use coconut oil, but it became unnecessary. The herbal rinse and drinking more water (staying hydrated) has made my hair the softest and most moisturized its ever been without being too greasy. Also the aloe vera helps.

Hans Miniar Jónsson
7 years ago
74 posts

Mildew is a subcategory of mold which is a subcategory of fungi.

Fungi being the type of growth, mold being the type of fungi, mildew being the type of mold, and the actual strain of mildew being the highest tier of defining the thing in question.

f.ex. ever eaten Brie or Camenbert?
Penicillium candidum is the name of the specific mildew that is used to give these cheeses their distinct taste and texture. So, Penicillium candidumis a mildew which is a mold which is a fungi. or, Brie is made using a type of fungy, specifically a mold, specifically a mildew, specificallyPenicillium candidum.

Just like how a Chihuahua is a domesticated dog, which is a canine, which is a mammal.

~ Encyclopedia Miniar.

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