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Been too lazy on ripping the roots and now unwanted congos starting?

5 years ago
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I've had my dreads for almost 3 months now and I haven't been ripping them at all pretty much, mostly because I don't like hearing my hair ripping apart and I know I'm just damaging my hair so much. If I ever have to take my dreads out for some reason I would like my hair to still be in a decent condition :/ A few of the congos that I have I don't mind because the dreads are rather thin. But the majority of my dreads are starting to congo with one another... A lot of them are almost to the point where they are too solid to rip apart so is there any way I can kinda loosen them up at the root and carefully rip them apart?

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5 years ago
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When you rip do it when your hair is wet it will hurt a little less and it will be easier on your hair. You might be able to use a lil pair of scissors or a razor blade, but be VERY CAREFUL don't cut another dread, or split a dread to thin or cut yourself. just keep ripping them every other day so they don't grow together

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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dont even think about taking them out beghave like u want em to u die

so rip em weekly at least when wet

keep em sdeperated

only cut them if nothing else woll work try ripping wet (carefully isnt an option if its already well together)

use lil olive oil on the roots to loosen em and rip

try wilggling a finfger under just a few hairs at a time then oull up and out till u release enoutgh to alow a rip

the more often u rip the less there is to rip ea h time andf u only will have to release a few hairs

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Shanxon Lemasters
5 years ago
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I personally rather seprate while dry, my hair is sooo elasticy (sp?) when wet that it won't do anything but stretch! I do seperate when wet on occassions cause sometimes the hair will just slip out of its "hold" but if something really needs seperated I do it when dry. Good luck!

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