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Fuzzy, Loopy, Loose-Haired, Tight Scalp Dreads

Alyssa J.
7 years ago
3 posts

I absolutely adore my dreads, and I maintain them and care for them as much as I possibly can, but I'm only 6 months into it and have no dreadlocked advisor to go to with my questions.

1. Fuzzy - I've cut off a bunch of "fuzzies" (i.e., loose hair on dreadlocks that isn't locking up) and still my dreadsters look a bit frizzy. I palm-roll them regularly with aloe vera extract and a saltwater / lemon juice spray. What can I do to de-frizz my dreads? They're 6 months old.

2. Loops - I've rubber banded, crocheted, and palm-rolled. Is there any cure for the loops?

3. Loose Hair, "Un-Locked" Dreads- I have loose hair in the middle of my dreads! The roots and the ends are locked up, but there are sections in the center, where the hair isn't tangled or locking up. I roll the sections between my fingers in circular movements in hope of tangling the hair there, but it just makes the section wide and noticeable, and the hair is soon back to its original state. Is there anything I can do for these sections?

4. Scalp - my scalp is still sore and tender, six months after I dreadlocked my hair. I've cut some sections to redirect hair into other dread, but they still pull at my scalp. I've also recently started losing more hair directly from my scalp. Is this normal?

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Canon P
7 years ago
52 posts

best advice i can give u is to chill out! the reason ur scalp hurts is because ur doing soooo much matinence! just chill out and try to stop thinking about ur dreads, and when u do think of them positivly! love your dreads for what they are. just smoke a bowl and reeeelllllaaaaxxxxx :))

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,425 posts


ok why do u wasnt straight dreads dreads arent perfect only fake ones are

stop everything your doing! cutting? are u serius?

crocheting will cause kloose hairs your brealing hairs

aloe and lemon condition slowing dreading sea salts good but rinse it off'

stop rumming get the riubber bands out stoip everything l4rt them dread

your causing every "problem" your han=ving and freaking out causew thewyre dreading and in the teen stage at that

they are trying soooo hard to read but u wont leave em alone to dread

stick your hands in your pockets..keep them there

sep[erate once a week wash 2 times a week

do nothiong else

let them dread

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
7 years ago
1,291 posts

i agree with canon p. you definitely need to relax and let it happen. i think all the stuff your doing is probably creating more broken hairs. if you still have wax on your locks then i would definitely try and get that out. those stray hairs are not going to be able to grab on to the dreads.

7 years ago
33 posts

1.Fuzzy- They're only six months old!! they're supposed to be frizzy!! :( You must be patient and let them be. There is no other way around it, I'm afraid. The hair will lock up if you stop touching it, cutting it, rubbing it, fooling around with it--all of that!!

2.Loops- Oh gosh no. They're supposed to be there. That's what happens when your dreads begin to lock up!! They're a GOOD thing! :( Crocheting and rubber banding is only breaking the hairs and preventing your dreads from locking up even more. They'll smooth out... eventually. Until then, you have to let them be.

3.Loose Hair, "Un-Locked" Dreads - Did you use wax or something? You have to get it out, otherwise that hair will never lock up. More than that, touching it will NOT HELP. Leave it alone.

4.Scalp- No. This is not normal. It is because you are constantly fussing, pulling, breaking, and messing with your hair in a way it doesn't like. You're losing hair from your scalp which means your hair isn't healthy!! Follow SE's instructions for a healthy scalp, wax removal, and washing your dreads. If you do those things and leave them alone, they should start feeling locked up in a few months from now :)

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