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8 Months In

Johnny Barnas
7 years ago
45 posts

So i just hit 8 months on may 1st and ive got a few things to say

Im lovin my locks! I backcombed and I had straight hair before.

Ive got the typical jungle off loose hair, some knotted and some straight, along with a bunch of awesome kinks. I have come to know each one of my locks and love them each for their own individuality.

I have my fair share of hardships as well. Ive got maybe 4-7 dreads where the root is crazy tight and the body is back to my normal straight undreaded hair, as well as some long unlocked roots. AS well as my whole back section looking very messy, rather than individual dreads. Typical for 8 months I guess.

But its been kinda a bummer having a bunch of people telling me things like "you need to redo them" "theyre messy" "they dont look like dreads" all that crap. and I do my best not to listen but I cant help but be self concious of em after im told by my mom who says we should go to a dreadlock salon and get them "fixed up" hahaha its kinda funny cuz i know they really dont know what theyre talking about, and just because my dreads are still in the early stages and they dont look like the dreadlocks everyone imagines, that makes them look bad.

i posted some pictures to get the people who really know what theyre talking about to give me their opinion. Im thinking about trying some twist and rip on the undreaded hair to at least make em look a little nicer. Any criticism, tips, ideas or whatever to help my back section stop being so mushy as well as anything else you may spot is greatly appreciated.

But all in all, Im loving the whole locking experience and im keeping positive around all these negative nancys x)

updated by @johnny-barnas: 01/13/15 09:01:13PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,419 posts

seperate the back lil more and go play in the ocean

theyee looking great

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
Johnny Barnas
7 years ago
45 posts

thanks so much both of you

just saying that you think they look good makes me feel worlds better

im totally cool with waiting for em, this whole journey has taught me so much about patience its amazing. I never thought id learn so much just from deciding to grow dreadlocks

ill definatly seperate the back more but theres these three dreads that have completely congoed and ive decided to leave them. theyre halfway together and those 3 definatly add a bunch of mushyness to the back section. but im fine with waiting cuz the 3 dreads combining into one dread has a great meaning to me in my personal life

and im actually going surfing this weekend so the playing in the ocean thing wont be a problem x)

Sierra Nicole
7 years ago
28 posts
I think they're beautiful. :D Fuck da haters.
7 years ago
20 posts

Everyone is like a cocoon, they start out ugly and awkward and then morph into beautiful graceful butterflies that everyone loves

Shanxon Lemasters
7 years ago
411 posts
they look amazing!!!!!!!!!!
7 years ago
132 posts
theyre starting to look really good. check out my timeline and you can see that mine looked very similar, now theyre looking like the standard picture of dreadlocks and are almost mature. im about to post some 1 year pics in a couple of days.but yah, just keep hangin in there, they'll mature really good. its true that the congo will make it look a lot messier and less uniform but it probably wont matter once everything is mature, all dreads look good when mature no matter how messy they are in the formation.I agree with what amanda said, in a few months they'll look like an entirely different set of dreads
Johnny Barnas
7 years ago
45 posts

thank you so much everybody

im totally happy with waiting. i love watiching my dreads grow and change. all of your excouragement has helped me feel so much better

one love

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