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sea salt?

7 years ago
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hey guys just wondering if i use sea salt on my hair to help it knot up should i leave it in over night or should i wash it out because i got to tell ya i have been washing it ever day and it feels great afterwards and when i put the sea salt in today it fells really gross and dry witch i get it thats the point but do i really need to leave it in over night

thanks ~Elroy~

updated by @elroy: 01/13/15 09:00:45PM
L-ray Sepulvado
7 years ago
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cool name man, mines Elray, but i spell it L-ray lol

Not sure what to tell ya about the salt, my hair felt gross also after i left it in, i'd just wash it out.

I'm sure someone else will come along and have some better info lol

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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no only use it like weekly wash or rinse after no more then 2 hours!

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Lou Lou
7 years ago
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Hey! I know what you mean I've been spraying it in and have to admit it's like dandruff it leaves bits all over my clothes. I am glad I read this now as I shall just be spraying it in before a wash :)
7 years ago
22 posts
thanks guys i dont think i could leave it in my hair for longer than that anyway it gets really dry and i dont really notice much of a difference with it either i have curly hair and i have been washing my hair as much as i normally would and that seems to be helping more than anything elsei was gonna go natural but i have not combed my hair in years and they never started to form on there own so i sectioned them a bit and did the t & r bit just to get them started but now they look pretty good and there starting to knot up really good after only a few daysThanks again guys especially soaringeagle you have given nothing but sound advice from day oneenjoying the journey~elroy~
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