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Herbs, Natural Remedies Useful to Dreads & Dreadcare

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/10/10 02:18:23AM
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theres another herbs threasd and i believe tea was the recomendationblack teaim concidering trying it not so much for my hair but i got alotta fuzz from draggin on the ground so wanna darken the white fuzzies to match the dreads..loli havent tried it yet tho

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updated by @soaring-eagle: 07/22/15 12:18:46PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/18/10 01:59:27AM
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hmm youir right the link is broke i think shes still got a site but maybe was moved? shes not on alot lately been real busy but i'll try to let her know if i remember when i see her

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05/22/10 07:38:39PM
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Hey fellow dreadies! SO sorry to leave this thread hanging. I did change my link and forgot to update the OP.My new link is: http://www.wncvegcrunchtasticmama.wordpress.comI am so sorry to neglect the forums these last few months. Between being a doula, and also pregnant myself, studying, and my oldest son having some issues with his Autism my days have been very challenging and yet spiritually rewarding at the same time. Thank ya'll for your kind words, and support. I love this forum, ya'll are like family to me. Glad to help where I can, when I can. One Love!
Island Mamma
06/16/10 04:16:58AM
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Fenugreek for dreads? Cool, its great for milk supply too.Sister Rags said:
Oh, wow - congratulations on your pregnancy : )

MW, in another thread you wrote, If hair and dreads need more hairapy I may use some herbal tea rinses which can contain some natural defunking, cleansing, and conditioning properties

I would so appreciate knowing what exactly you use in those rinses?

Thank you for the current link - can't wait to check it out! Also, I have been using the fenugreek & fennel for my dry dreads and it's amazingly effective. Thanks so much!

ola tolba
03/28/11 04:55:45AM
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Alternative Health & Herbs Remedies is a church outreach of Good Shepherd Ministries an Evangelical Christian Church. We are a non-profit Christiangroup of natural health professionals committed to helping ALL people to better health through God, healing, education and manufacturing the highest quality tried-and-proven herbal and natural health products. We are not multi-level and our prices are lower than normal. We are Your Complete Health and Herb Source for practitioners, stores and individuals. Courteous service and professional support are backed by years of experience and knowledge in the health food industry. We give clear, concise information to help people understand how nature works at healing, cleansing, and strengthening the body. Learn about Bishop Truman Berst, Master Herbalist and founder of Alternative Health & Herbs Remedies and readhis story. Be sure to check out Trumans public appearance andradio show schedule.

12/13/11 08:40:42AM
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my scalp has produces all this weird "goop" since having the dreads. i dunno if its dandruff that has congealed or what but it's pretty gross and it's hidden all under my dreads and especially after i've been sweating or after a shower they are especially goopy like the consistency of a lotion and white to light yellow. is this normal?? what can i do to minimize this?? i use baking powder, tea tree, rosemary and lavender oil to wash.

Shanxon Lemasters
12/13/11 10:44:04AM
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This is an amazing, amazing, amazing thread :) I keep sharing all this info with family and friends with health and hair issues and they love it, and I LOVE being taught new and alternatives! Thank you!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/13/11 03:29:18PM
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we have a group for naturak and herbal medicines i think and id love to see that get much more use..beyond hair and scalp health

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06/06/14 10:23:08AM
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Can I use coriander leaves?

Jenifer J
06/06/14 02:57:21PM
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this thread is great! glad to see it bumped :)

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