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greasy feeling creamy coating on my scalp WTF?!

Ashley Eve
7 years ago
43 posts

okay so i thought maybe my hair was just being super oily..

so ive been using thyme tea

but right after washing with baking soda and acv there is a creamy greasy coating all over my scalp!!! what the hell is that :|

how do i get it out

ahh i feel so disgusting :|

updated by @ashley-eve: 02/14/15 09:00:34AM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,421 posts

try a strionger acv maybe wiyh hot or scrubbing or try the maylees bar or something

baking sodas great with grime dirt and dead skin but the acv cutes oiliness and grease

a soap like mayless can renmove excess oils even if u like dump alotta olive oil in

so try those and see whuich helps most

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
7 years ago
27 posts

I had the same problem washing with bs/acv, and nothing I did helped. My scalp always felt greasier AFTER washing than it did before. (ick!) I played with the amounts for at least 6 washes and my scalp just kept getting grosser.

I decided to give up on it and I'm back to clarifying shampoo which keeps things nice and clean. Just make sure your dreads are separated before you wash again so that the residue has a better chance of coming out.

7 years ago
836 posts
we shed excess skin. You have been brushing your hair your whole life. Brushing gets rid of that excess skin and excess oils.Your scalp is used to the stimulation. Now since you are can't brush your hair. The excess skin builds up mixes with the oils and when you mix it with a cleaning agent plus water, it creates a white greasy substance.It will happen no matter what you wash with.The best way that i have found to deal with this is to GENTLY scratch my whole scalp before i start to wash to loosen up the dead skin. I do this again while I am washing. Make sure to rinse really well. If it is still there, wash again.I also alternate, one week BS and ACV the next week shampoo.
JESSICA EVA (Eva Lovelocks)
7 years ago
217 posts

i think taye is right about this. i stopped regularly brushing a long time before i actually got dreads and i've had this scalp thing for just about as long, using all different kind of shampoos. and even now, i use the maylees bars, not the bs, and i have it. mine doesn't stink and it doesn't gross me out. i thought it was normal hahaha

Ashley Eve
7 years ago
43 posts

Yeah i do put oils in maybe thats the problem i might try a few weeks without oils it dosent smell or anything it just feels horrible

i have no idea what mayless is im from australia

and for a few weeks b4 i dreaded i didnt brush my hair either and didnt have this problem i dont think its just dead skin cells

7 years ago
283 posts
Sucks you can't wear black that much because of it :/I found out mine is just dead skin cells and not dandruff, because my face is getting dry from the cold weather. So my scalp is getting dry too.
Ashley Eve
7 years ago
43 posts

it isnt flaking or dry or anything its like oily stuff..

its nothing like dandruff..

the rest of mine skin is fine

7 years ago
37 posts
Chances are it could be subum, if you don't know what that is its the stuff that accumulates inside your stretched piercings, inside spots etc, its natural and there isn't much you can do about it just wash it away, it could be the cold weather making it dry and flakey as its normally like a moist sticky substance, just scratch around your scalp before you wash to loosen it up and shake your head well most of it should just come out
Ashley Eve
7 years ago
43 posts

its summer in australia so its not cold weather :p

i resorted to using my usual organic non chemical shampoo last night instead of lathering it on my head i put some in a bucket and made it into soapy water n poured it over my head

today it all feels much cleaner etc..

im thinking maybe i was using to much essential oils and they where coating my head lol

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