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White water rafting with my new dreadies

Rusty McDonald
8 years ago
9 posts
HeeelllooooTomorrow I'm leaving for INDIA :D for a school trip where I'm going to be white water rafting for a week. My dreadies are only about 2 weeks old and they're quite loose so I'm a bit scared about what's gonna happen to them with all of the swooshy water and stuff :pI'm gonna have a helmet, will that keep them from getting messed up?
updated by @rusty-mcdonald: 01/13/15 08:48:59PM
8 years ago
12 posts
Do you know the class of rapids you'll be on? I've never rafted but I have white water kayaked and I can tell you that you will get wet. In kayaking I had on a helmet and a splash jacket with a high collar so I was able, if I wanted to, to tuck my dreads into that and the helmet would cover the rest. I'd just sit back, enjoy the ride and let nature do the rest.
Brandon Arnold
8 years ago
184 posts
Sounds like they'll be fine.Just enjoy your trip and take pictures!
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
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the helmet will meess em up more then the waterdont worry too much

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