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BS/ACV wash is not working for me

6 years ago
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I'm at 2 1/2 months right now, the 30th will be my 3rd month mark. I'm letting my hair do its own thang (no t&r,backcombing,wax,crochete), I only wash 2-3 times a week. And I've used the bs/acv wash for about a month but with no good results. The biggest incident happened today. Yesterday night I washed my hair with bs/acv, let it air dry completely, just like any other day. But after each wash, I still have an itchy scalp after the wash, and even the next day. Okay, then this morning, during 1st period at school, I felt something on the crown of my head, so I reach for it, and literally, it was like a volcano had erupted on my scalp, and some type of oil was oozing out. It was gross, and there was alot. Each time I would touch it then look at my fingers, there would be so much oil on my fingertips. I'm guessing it was oil, I really don't know what it was. Prior to this I've always had a nasty scalp since starting out with the bs/acv wash. Sometimes there's like a white muddy like substance on me scalp, other times I find scabs. I rinse w/ cold water, leave the bs soak in my hair for 10mins, rinse w/ water again, pour acv, leave for about 3-4mins, then rinse again w/ cold water. I know for sure that I rinse thoroughly between using the bs and acv, and after. Any advice?thanks.....if you read all of thisalso check out my pics, I kinda created a timeline
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6 years ago
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I was less then that myself I wonder if your dryin your scalp and its trying to over compensate with oils so really your just washing to often I think plus do you use any oils ?
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
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thats odd but yea are u using any of the oils?its baking soda not powder?is it just baking soda not a baking soda based cleaning product(no other ingredients but bicarbonate soda)umm i supose could be an alergic reaction but youd think if u reacted to it on your scalp then u couldnt eat anything containing it )(mist things)\how strong are u mixing it perhaps its way too strong? or your super sensative?

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6 years ago
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I do let my hair dry, before sleep, (I always wash at night, idk if that makes any difference), or it could be that my scalp is trying to produce more oils, then again I wash 2-3 times a week. BUT, when I did begin using the bs/acv wash I searched around for any oils I can include in the wash, and found this small bottle of apple cinnamon oil, so I droped a couple of drops in the acv w/ water mixter, I did that for a couple of weeks. Then closely looking at the bottle, it was a "concentrated fragrance oil", yea, my bad. so I stopped that couple of weeks ago. Other than that, haven't used any oils at all. And I have done what you've said before soaring eagle, use 1 tbsp of bs for each cup of water, same goes for acv. I switch from 3-6 cups of water, to find which one works best for me.

says in the ingredients it's "sodium bicarbonate 100%"
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Panterra Caraway
6 years ago
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I read your question a couple of times and even looked at your pictures...what concerns me is this "volcano" situation...? I have been a hairdresser a very long time and have not heard of anything like this! First off, you said you have, you must be scratching...even if it is without realizing it or in the night when you sleep. Since you are could have have an infected hair follicle that popped. That would be like a large pimple on the scalp and could contain a fair amount of oil. It would most likely have been atleast alittle itchy before it ruptured.Can you see a "sore type" spot where you have this situation? This is my best guess. Also, I would say that the "muddy like substance" on your scalp is skin. When we brush our hair and stimulate our scalps dead skin sluffs off to keep the scalp healthy. The B/S is a very effective exfoliant (skin remover) so it would usually help remove this skin without brushing, but if you have a very oily scalp or are an adolescent going through teen years and your hormones are over-productive you would most likely see more of this skin buildup. Hope this helps.
6 years ago
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hey :)For the first while i was really careful about the amounts i was using and the bs acv was perfect...but im bad at measuring and always forget how long its been since i washed my dreadies so i started getting itchy head and really bad dadruff (my friend said it was like a 6/10 on the 10 being super super bad scale)...Are you diluting the BS or just putting it on your head? i didnt leave mine in for any length of time...u should also be diluting the dont say you are but i assume you are???I just started getting quantities wrong so i used some dr. bronners magic soap (that i have anyway) and rinsed with freezing water each time and in a week i went from 6/10 to 2/10...though i still dont get all the bronners out sometimes and i have to go in and rinse just really lazy i think lolKaren :)
6 years ago
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try a shampoo bar like maylees or dr. bronners and see how that works for you. maybe your not rinsing your scalp enough that your getting build up. we have really hard water here so bs/acv just wasn't getting my hair clean. i found an organic shampoo that works great at leaving my hair squeaky clean.
6 years ago
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I too have had similar spots on my head... no 'volcano' type instances, but small pimple like places that do pop, sometimes bleed, and always itch like mad. So I stopped with the baking soda, and started using head and shoulders to combat the itchies. Helped me a ton. I've been diluting the shampoo in a cup as well for easier application. I switch back and forth all the time, but this seems to be helping my scalp the most. If you'd like to stay organic though, look for either a burt's bees shampoo, or stop into a local health food shop or farmer's market... sprout's and trader joe's are two awesome shops out here in CA, but I'm not sure what is available in your area.
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