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ALOE ??? What's s the deal?

Bruddah Dread
8 years ago
10 posts
ALOE?What are it's ...Benefits ?Uses ?Drawbacks ?How frequently can useWhat kind to get ,Certified organic , Certified natural. ?juice, gel,whole leaf juice, inner filler ?preservative free ?Mold inhibitor ?...%.?I found this brand at a store under our products in the middleMahalo everyone for your input!
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8 years ago
4 posts
to grow and process your own is the best... and its really easy...Ive read to just skin just the clear gel part...but if your gonna but bottled make sure it has NOTHING but 100% pure aloe... its a little more expensive but well worth it..the other ingredients tend to dry out your hair and scalp... and they put alcohol in some of them!ive learned the hard way on this...theres a company called PURE that makes some good stuff
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
28,332 posts
well it can slow dreading if overused so use only as needed

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Bruddah Dread
8 years ago
10 posts
Mahalo everyone
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