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Madeline Floor
8 years ago
5 posts
I'm close to sure that this topic hasn't been dicussed on the forums yet. at least not from the threads that I've searched through. So I turn to you guys, the dread community.-What is the deal with dread extensions? Can they be permenant or are they always made from synthetic hair that comes out? How are they done?are they recommended or can they perhaps be bad for you hair?Sorry for the litany of questions. But whoever has insight or advice please post. I'm totally interested. Thanks!! peace
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
28,265 posts
they can be real hair they can be permenant but whats the point?dreads hold a record of your life thats why dreads are important to youextentions are disconnected from you..someone elses hair someone elses life and experirencesnow adding on a special persons hair/dreads that hhas a point to keep them a part of youbut when yiu buy extentions whos life are u attached to?secondlydreads growthey start short and grow longwhy start by adding lengrth only to have em reach the floor sooner then you earned through growrth?

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Madeline Floor
8 years ago
5 posts
I should have prefaced this by saying I'm really only interested in extending two of my dreadlocks. I had bangs when I got my dreads and some of the area i dreaded in front in abnormally short in comparison to my whole head of locs. So much so that they are the only two locs that stick straight up while the others are content to sit flat. Now, I will admit it is mostly for cosmetic purposes(aside perhaps from the danger of pointy dreads sticking up out of my head=]), and under most circumstances I'm very supportive of the points soaringeagle makes but I'm very temped to give it a shot. If its any consolation I would be using my sisters hair! I wouldn't feel comfortable putting other peoples hair in my head and I've already asked her. She has PLENTY of hair. haha. I feel very connected to her anyway.Thanks for the info though. I'll try to do some more research. I haven't made any decisions yet.
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