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Dirty Jobs and Washing Frequency

Raven's Light
2 years ago
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I have a question about being exposed to dirty environments (like say working construction) and washing frequency. As of this week I am trying to get my hair on a new washing cycle (washing every 4-5 days), and I have been exposed to a rather dusty environment (temporarily doing some remodeling/construction type work) and am wondering if I can let my hair go an additional day before I wash all the dust and junk outta my dreads? (as I am only on the 4th day of this new cycle and I was planning on washing them tomorrow). 

I mean my scalp isn't super itchy yet, and it doesn't seem like I got anything noticeably bad  in my hair (although I'm sure there is still dust in it) so I am sure I can survive another day but I just wanted to be sure this choice was healthy for my hair. Any advice would be great.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
2 years ago
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yes its fine i mean ..i have spent weeks in the wilderness, dragging mine in the mud till they were caked to 3 times the normal thickness in mud, then 'washing'  by jumping in a muddy river daily to get off the worse only to be covered again  only a hundred feet down the trail from the river. then didn't get an actual wash till i got home 

and although yea i was muddy for all that time 1 good washing and all was fine

now i was miles from a dirt road,. 25 miles from a paved road and 45 or maybe 60 to anything that resembled a shower.. so i couldn't wash often but even so getting dirty right away again  there was no point in washing till i was home ..

your hairs not going to suffer from a lil dust for a day.. yes you want to wash when you frel you should and no less then weekly ..

but you don't need to overthink it like wash just cause the pollen count was up that day or cause you leaned against a tree or a dirty car door..

rule of thumb .. wash as often as you feel you should.. but if you can't remember if you washed in the  last week its certainly time to wash

sometimes its when you just feel like you really got to wash your hair, sometimes when  "tomorows a better day then today' just cause its more convenient or cause your busy with something ..

nobody should feel like they have to be locked into a schedule but let it be flexible according to how they feel and whats convenient, as long  as your keeping to a "no longer then" sensible schedule .. typically that's weekly

sorry that was long and rambling haha

point is ..if you feel like you want to wash today or tomorrow it doesn't matter .. just being around dust doesn't washes out.. and wont hurt ya if its today, tomorrow or the next day.. but .. after 5-7 days of dust or mud you'll be at the  'god i wish i could wash my dreads today" stage and that's really the limit

it depends on the  degree of dustiness too ..if its real heavy and a lot.. scrub it away!

1 day either way isn't going to make much difference .. just i know with winter approaching you don't want to be cold and damp all the time

ok lets put it this way.. if you got dusty today and will be dusty tomorrow .. and the day after that.. wash on Saturday morning.. and if you feel the need any day during the week that feels right

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