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How to use Vicki's just for dreads shampoo

one month ago
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I just used the tea tree shampoo for the first time.  It seams like it does not suds up very much. I came from using castile soap which suds up a lot.  Am I not using enough? It seams like it got the hair clean but not enough of the product was able to reach the scalp. Any tips? 

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
one month ago
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well are you using bar or liquid (use liquid if young)

wetness is key

went the hair well

then re-wet a section i do like a 1/4 quadrant like right front wet it just before applying soap

if the bar...wet the bar too

apply it rub it in good ..use as much as you want the liquid though will be easy to use too much and be rinsing suds out forever filling the shower with suds (happened to me the other day 1st time using the liquid in months)

if needed give the section a LIGHT sprinlkle while lathering just to get a lil more water in the should get plenty of lather as long as its wet enough

and it isn't minutes after wetting so re-wet the segment before applying ..

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