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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/15/16 08:51:01AM
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ:

no such thing as too much washing or rinsing

it's how gentle you are and not towel drying that matters is always best but bronners is okay as long as the water isn't hard

finally got this reply thing working! :D ok, sorry to interrupt folks u really can wash regular but not do the towel drying? huh! because, i just happened NOT to towel dry last time, and Maybe it was more knotty? no wait! i didn't blow dry. ahhh confusing! but i sometimes have to wet my hair more often than i would like for new dreads, so i am curious what might be most effect for the next few weeks or months?? thanks

the more its  wet the better as long as it dries completely

if your hyper observant like i can be at times your hair as water runs through it

you will see the surface tension pull it together into sections

you will see if 1 single hairs not perfectly straight withal the rest it causes turbulence wich causes the hairs to be displaced from straight..and start to tangle, the more water flowing through your hair the more it tangles

towel drying one day might make it pretty knotty

but then another time completely erase and rub away 3 months of progress

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07/15/16 10:53:29AM
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Yeah, I recently ditched towel drying and feel like I made lots of progress overnight! My experience is just as S.E. described, the water causes hair to section and bind, and maybe even to curl and wave in interesting ways. Definitely the way to go I think!

Interesting note tho, from reading online, there seems to be research indicating that air drying can actually cause internal damage to hair, as opposed to the external damage from blow drying too closely. But even if that's true, air drying seems to be better for dreading. I'm not worried about it at all, we've been doing it for millenia, just mentioning what I've seen online. It could even be propaganda from the big blow dryer companies :D

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07/15/16 01:36:41PM
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managed to get hold of some dr bronners yesterday, just washed my hair with it after a day o work, had to have my hair tied up, bad times! but yes lovely stuff, my beard has never felt so soft, i mean that literally its usually quite wiry even using lush kalamazoo and beard balm stuff, all thats out the window, finally a soap i can use all over!!no more separate this for hair this for beard this for body!! not sure on results as hair is drying but based on the beard, id fully recommend giving it a go! a lot less faffing around than the bs acv rinse too... well once id done all the measuring out...

interesting note on the air drying, not heard that before, but surely every animal and man for thousands of years has been "air drying his hair"

@soaring-eagle you say be gentle when drying, does this exclude whipping hair around like a metal head on ecstasy to "spin dry" the excess water out?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/15/16 05:10:56PM
27,144 posts

i shake it out often but not like that just a gentle shake to get some of the drippies out

it would break my neck to try doing as you described haha

i just give it a gentle shake not even as much as a dog would do

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