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Whitish Stuff When Separating

3 years ago
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When I try to separate dreads (i do it for fun actually, it's a strange habit i have hahah, i actually prefer them thicker but sometimes i can't help myself not separating), they usually have these whitish flakes or whatever this is. What's wrong? It's scaring me. I cut a little bit of one of the dreads and attached pictures.

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3 years ago
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Uh Oh? Wondering why you cut it just to show and take a picture of it as you already have and can see even if still attached?Sad..

Hope it's not wax remains. Was thinking maybe they are residues from what you are using? Perhaps a good deep clean would help with that. 

I'm not quite sure on what washing routine you are following, the shampoo you are using. I just know you are in this journey since 2012 if I'm not wrong. And was assumming you already have that experience with a lot things natural dreading compare to me.

But yeah, that's what I could say, I'm no expert but for sure @soaring-eagle could easily advise on this.

HTH. Peace x

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
3 years ago
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was wax ever used even one give me a full run down on every product you ever used but it could be simple lint wich isnt worth worrying about

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