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Palm Rolling?

last year
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I've heard and read a lot of mixed reviews about palm rolling dreadlocks. Some say its great and helps with the formation of dreads, while some say it does nothing to help. Other even say that it can damage the dreads, but no one says why. Any opinions?

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last year
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anything it seems to do is undone in hours to days

as far as damage its simple , friction

but thats only part of it the twisting weeakens the roots    its not as damaging as crochet ofcourse but it is damaging especialy if done alot or the way knottyboy suggests 'roll like crazy till you feel it getting hot' if its getting hit  thats friction about to cause a fire haha

if you roll daily it might  semi permenantly smooth out bumps and loops with a damage toll

usualy its used to  smooth in frizz but an hour or 3 later and they pop out again  any benifits very temoporary


its mostly used to compress hair in wax when wax ise used since without rolling alot theres no movement and no dreading  so when wax is used its a dreading simulation thing

i have never palm rolled once in my life never even knew how...or why...


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