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Ahh!! Congos!

Megan Atwood
4 years ago
40 posts
I've got a lot of sections that are pretty thin, I over separated, and am trying to encourage congos in some sections with beads and peyote stitch sleeves, but in my efforts to let a lot of sections Congo, I ended up with one weird one I'm worrying about, the section at the root is like 2 inches! I love fatties and all, but I'm fearing drying issues in this one. What's weird though is that only like half of one of the dreads was eaten by the other a few inches from the root all the way down, making kind of like a "W" shape if that makes any sense, I'd post a pic but I'm having some issues with that. Anyways, I cannot pull these two apart, no matter how hard I try. I feel like I could just cut it and it would be fine, but honestly I really don't want to cut them. I've even tried using coconut oil to soften and loosen them up and it still won't budge. Does anyone have any alternative ideas? Just how bad would cutting it be? The bit holding them together is a good 1/4inch piece just a few inches from my scalp=\
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
28,409 posts

use surgical precision snipping only a few haira at a time then pull

stop trying to force congos wait till they are mature then alow them to congo if desired but not till mature

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
Megan Atwood
4 years ago
40 posts
I'll try that. The ones I'm trying to Congo are super super tiny, the sections at the root are about 1/8in probably less, its only in a few areas. I feel like it might be easier to merge them while they're still knotting up and wanting to eat each other. Lol. I'm pretty much just letting them do whatever right now though. But there isn't any better way other than super careful snipping?=[
4 years ago
108 posts

When you try to split it be sure to take only one hair at a time, feel around the dread (where it only starts to connect together) near your scalp and pull one hair at a time upwards, out of the knot. It takes a long, long time but it can save you from having to cut all those hairs. I hope that makes sense. o_o I have split a big one before this way about seven months in and it was very mature.

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