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Cleaning Repost

5 years ago
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My late post was messed up somehow, I believe my internet was just way too slow and uploaded like a sentence for some reason haha.

But basically I've been in the dreading process since Oct. I have been cleaning every 4 days using Vicki's Dread Shampoo, and I was wondering if there was any technique as to scrubbing, because ever since my hair got to about 4 inch (as of right now), my hair would group in certain places and whatnot, but when I shower I feel as if I lose the progress in grouping and locing up. I know my hair is not ideal length to start locing up considering I have wavy hair that curls at the end. Also I sleep with a wool hoodie (one of the mexican poncho ones) and will that help if I wear it while I sleep or hurt the process?

Also if anyone has experience with the Himalayan pink sea salt spray, as I am interested in hearing about how it's helped and whatnot.

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5 years ago
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Hey. Its probably just a bit too short to do much. Is it the liquid ( it knots like crazy) or the bar (a bit more conditioning, but will definately still knot)? I think it is just the length though, probably a few months at least before it is long enough.


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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agree but to answer the rest

the pink sea salts awesome and works wonders

the wools great unsure if wearing as a hoodie or just laying on is better tho

the scrub technique some use flat pal on the scalp otghers (i think is best) use fingertips to scryb scalp around sections without trying to scrub the hair much

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5 years ago
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It is the liquid shampoo and it is doing great. I figured the hair was still just short of anything, just wasn't sure if I was making t he process longer than it would be.

Pk I am more than likely goign to get the spray when my hair is an inch or an inch and a half longer.

I have been doing the fingertips basically, just putting the shampoo on my tips and like scratching with my nails kind of, and some areas get pretty soapy. I then rinse with hot water and then a cold water rinse after. Am I doing that right? or should i just rinse the soap with the cold water right after scrubbing in?

5 years ago
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You actually shouldn't be using hot water at all. I use slightly warm water but more on the cooler side then for my final rinse I use the coldest water I can stand.
Baba Fats
5 years ago
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The pink salt is awesome. I used to a bunch of times, and it worked wonders on the few baby locks I've got forming on the top of my head. Definitely worth trying out.

The wool hoodie is fine. It won't hurt, at least. Some people see wool help them a lot. I didn't see any real difference. But it can't hurt. if you wrap your head in it, it'll promote a huge tangled mess, though, that you'll probably have to spend more time separating. If you wear it as a normal hoodie, with the hood up, I'd bet that the hood falls off while you sleep, so it won't make a difference if you wear it or not. Some people use them as pillow cases, which probably works best.

I use warm-hot water before I touch my head with soap. This helps open up your pores, so you can clean out dirt easier. Then, lather up, rinse with luk warm water, and do a cold rinse at the end. This soothes your pores, and helps close them up so you won't get oily and itchy later.

But like everyone said, it's probably just the length. 4 inches is a little short to see knotting. You will see sectioning, which you are, since you mentioned "grouping". That's prefect. It's exactly what your locks should be doing at this stage. Just give it more time. When you wash, it may undo itself a little. But again, that's normal. Even people with longer hair see this sectioning undo itself with washing, sometimes

5 years ago
15 posts

Alright, thank you for the replies everyone. I've been wearing the hoodie as I sleep but it works some nights in making more sections but then they are really flat so I've switched to just using it as a pillow case. The only reason I was using it as the hoodie was because when its on the pillow it wont reach the top of my head haha, so I thought the hoodie would touch all the areas needed. But occasionally it will fall off.

As for the pink sea salt, I will order it when my hair is a bit longer as I'd rather use it when my hair is able to tangle a bit more.

I do used hot water, but I will start makign it more just like very warm water, then the luke warm and then cold rise. I live in an area where it is VERY hard water, I get my water literally from a well, so I have no other choice for washing my hair, but the shampoo has been working wonderfully with the hard water so no worries there.

once again thank you all for the replies and advice!

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