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Question about BS wash using distilled/boiled water

5 years ago
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Hey gang.

As a person who has to deal with hard water I keep an eye out for any washing tips. A couple times I've seen people say to use distilled, boiled, filtered water to soften hard water for washing your dreads. In those discussions it seems like people are saying just to use that water to mix with the backing soda. My question is - even if you mix your backing soda in now-soft-water, you still rinse it out with hard water coming out of the shower head. It seems like the rinse out is where the major issue is stemming from in the first place. I'm wondering if it really makes a difference trying to to soften the mix water, when the rinse water will still be hard.

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the Barrellady
5 years ago
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Well, if you have enough water to last, then sure, rinse it with that instead of the hard water. It is actually the baking soda that does not dissolve properly in hard water, so that is why distilled or bottled or boiled is recommended, to dissolve the it....peace

3 years ago
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Also thought of this scenario and actually doing this coz I'm have the hard water issue. Just a follow up question to the first post. Does it make sense mixing your bs/acv wash with distilled water and then rinsing out with hard water? The same with soaps that's having issue with hard water esp Castile soaps. Will it work if you dilute it first in a distilled water and then rinsing out with hard water? 

Appreciate any input! 

P.S sorry for digging out a not so old post, we have to keep the topics running :))

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
3 years ago
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the boilings more for alkaline not hard water typically like uk water

the  shampoos are  best rinsed with distilled water

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