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Have dread beads for sale or barter :)

Jennifer Rose
5 years ago
59 posts

Have a rather large stash of 22 dreadie beads I'd like to sell or trade off, mostly bone/horn/wood with tribal designs, or Tibetan silver, some with celtic knots, and one or two glass ones. most are for medium to fat dreads and a few for skinny ones. I took out the extensions and am letting my very short dreads go to neglect (and OMG are they a HOT MESS lol) so they are kinda short for beads... and I really need to get some of Vicki's stuff from bucks county soap to help my hair lock - so I will either take paypal, or barter for lockin up liquid, locking gel or Himalayan salt spray, any amounts even partial bottles. I will sell for $5 each plus shipping (they should fit in a small envelope so that won't be more than a buck or two) and would prefer to sell in lots of at least 2 to save on shipping. PICS attached below.


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5 years ago
321 posts

I like the silver ones. Do u need/want any tye dyes?

The-Pygmy Page
5 years ago
43 posts

how much would you want to do the whole lot of beads for ?

I have some knotty boy locking gel that I dilute into a spray and spray on ym dreads . I also make a good few items including some tams,arm warmers, headbands ,tie dyes hemp necklaces , wire wrapped stones .dream catchers!/media/set/?set=a.182546618429316.51522.100000219368891&type=3 let me know if you can see the pics there . a lot of that stuff is gone but if you check the picture it should say if itis available or not

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