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makeshift dreadbeads

8 years ago
156 posts
Lets see I used to put alot of beads in but they would hurt when I was sleeping. I had part of a broken chillium- its was clean but I had it when my dreads werent as dready and it broke in the shower. Had a few circle style ear rings in a dread for a while. I need some new beads, some fat ones.
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kayla barker
8 years ago
7 posts
i used bottle caps and lighter things for mine. i even used a couple pins that i took the pokey part out of and bent it around a dread. the coolest part about the caps is that i got them from all different people all across my travels last summer. so they all had a different story with different memories attatched to em :)
Harry Brack
8 years ago
32 posts
i have a couple of can tops, spare tunnels for my stretched ears, a bit of a nice necklace that broke random bits of stuffmy mate had a small downpipe from a bong on his hair so he always had 1, that dread was pretty rank though
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
28,322 posts
i had 3 chillums 2 glass and 1 made from a piranha jawbone (if u never saw 1 the jawbones got teeth on moth sides the 1 set anchors it into its skull)only the bone chillum was used though, and it wasnt used as a dread bead, instead as a decoration id wear a headband and tuck it into the headband sticking out the op, it had a stone set in the center so looked like it was just a decorationone of the glass chilums smashed into my eyebrow when unable to slow down racing a skateboarder down a mountain and skidding into a curb (i was well over 2 blocks ahead of him at that point too)

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