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Pretty junk to stick on my dreadies (plus share the stories about yours)

Charleigh Graham
9 years ago
18 posts
hehe, and all my dread cuffs love all of YOU! hehe :) <333 i think im gonna put up some dread accessories up in a folder on here :P
updated by @charleigh-graham: 07/22/15 11:32:36AM
8 years ago
6 posts
So I can leave a hemp wrap in thru baking soda washes and all?soaringeagle said:
the knotted embriodery thread ones lasted 4-5 years the knotted hemp probly 10
Island Mamma
8 years ago
530 posts
Wow wraps stay on for years! I would be happy with a few weeks,maybe months but years? No.I have these bright, wooden, Parrot earrings that I popped on one the other day, it looked neat. Not at all permanent as it was a hook earing but I liked it.
Harry Brack
8 years ago
32 posts
i have stretchers in my ears and like wearing the tunnels you can see right through, and one day i got bored n put about 5 or 6 in my dreads, little black and silver ones. fit perfectly.i think they are 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. not too sure what these are in US sizes?i also have an old pendant hooked throughand one night after a heavy party night i found a couple of ring pulls of beer cans weaved into them (which ive kept cos they look pretty cool :))
8 years ago
19 posts
I know a girl a girl who keeps pop can tabs in her's, It's actually really cool lookin'.Mine are mostly just bracelets that exlpoded haha and some nifty things I found in various places... I was thinking about taking one of my violins old strings and making something out of it but I'm not sure how well it'll go.
Kiwi Chick
8 years ago
28 posts
so you all just wash as normal with all the hemp wraps that are in your hair... any particular reason other then fashion, you would wrap your dread..... gosh looks just so awesome.....:)
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