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shortie dread style ideas???

6 years ago
15 posts

hi guys! so i'm at this extra shrinkage stage, loving my dreads short and all, but i'm finding that the only way to wear them is with a headband, they still look kind of funky down... anyone have any other ways they wore/wear their shorties???

updated by @michelle4: 01/13/15 09:40:31PM
Kelsey Cliche!
6 years ago
122 posts
I haven't had short hair in a while, but always thought tiny pigtails were cute. :)
Christine Tiffany Smith
6 years ago
15 posts

tie it down with pins into a messy bun....

6 years ago
10 posts

Me tooooo! I've been dreading for a year now and they like, regressed since summer ended (no more ocean water, no more sun) so bandannas are my best friends.

6 years ago
23 posts

i have shorties too! I sport pigtails, and half ponies. I like to do the double pony, which is a half pony tied into a low pony to the bottom half of my hair. sometimes I twist/braid my bangs and hold them with pins. I'll also pin my bangs back. I keep my hair discreet in a hat when I am coming into, and out of work, or while im in class.

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