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Where to get dread beads?

colbi godlove
7 years ago
48 posts
hit up neil on my friends, handmade amazing, cheap
updated by @colbi-godlove: 07/23/15 04:46:18AM
Lexz Luv
7 years ago
74 posts
I make my own awesome dread sleeves using thread tiny beads and a simple peyote stitch! They look awesome!
Tessa Smith
7 years ago
59 posts

I do that too and they are so much fun and so cheap :D

At the bottom of the page that I linked is a peyote stitch generator thingy where you can create your own designs. I think it's kind of fun to mess with.

Lexz Luv
7 years ago
74 posts

Thx that link is awesome!!

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