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lesser of two evils?

4 years ago
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So, we've had some beautiful prespring weather(in the 60s and 70s), the last week and it has reminded me of the sad truth that summer is coming. I live in western Tennessee where it is hot and very humid. I'm wonder about the bes possible way to keep my hair off my neck, a tam or a tube/headband. I have read both can slow the process by limiting movement. So i there one that's any better than another? I crochet and loom knit and already been playing with things I've already made and made a few new pieces. I plan on going out next week to get some wool but I'd like to know how to best use it.Anything helps. Thanks :)
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
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tams are generally loose enough to alow movement within

but the best solution is to just use your dreads to tie up your dreads while out in the heat then let em down when i cool off

i also dump a lil water over my head to cool my brain..not alot just a lil trickle to keep the frontal lobe from reaching the boiling point

that or u can get whats called a misty mate a pump to pressurize thingy that sprays a cooling must around you cooling the area around you by 30 degrees (or more if u drop some ice cubes in it)

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4 years ago
41 posts
Awesome! Thank you!! :)
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