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Dread beads

Joseph Gaiche
5 years ago
28 posts
When can you put in dread beads (size/length and hoow do you put them in?
updated by @joseph-gaiche: 01/13/15 09:56:08PM
Jayke Watson
5 years ago
118 posts
You can put them in whenever they will stay in on their own :) I've heard of people gluing beads in but please don't do that Haha and the way I do it is I take the end of the dread or section, twist it gently so it's nice and thin, then I fold it onto itself (like making a little 'U' shape) and I just find that's the easiest way todo because I'm horhorribly uncoordinated and I can't get the hair in unless it's super blunt and doesn't get caught on the edges of the bead :) I hope that made sense.Peace
Tara C
5 years ago
645 posts

Ahhh, Jayke, that's EXACTLY what I do! I thought it was just me and everyone else could do it without needing to twist it and then make the U shape lol.

Yeah, so apparently twisting the end a bit and the folding it into a U shape is a good method on how to get beads in :) you can put them in at any stage, and the size and length depends on how thick or thin your dreads are, I suppose.

Kerry LoCo
5 years ago
46 posts

Brilliant, Jayke & Tara. I hadn't thought of bending the dread (U shape) - similar method as in threading a needle with yarn. Thank you both!

Joseph Gaiche
5 years ago
28 posts
Sweet! Thanks you, all of you!
5 years ago
133 posts

Another way is if the hole of the bead is small is to get a darning needle and thread with embroidery thread, wrap the other end of thread around your dread where you want the bead to beand tie a knot, weave needle through end of your dread and then through bead, then slide bead up the thread and the dread. Just cut knot end of thread and pull out. Its a great way for getting smaller things that r not going to go on the dreads easy:)

the Barrellady
5 years ago
1,302 posts

Here is the simplest way I have found to put on beads. Get some dental floss, fold it in half and put it through the bead. You should now have a loop out of the end. Now put the end of your dread in the loop and pull the floss back out. floss. Easiest way to get beads on small dreads or ones with thin hair at the tips. Has worked for every bead I ever put on. ...peace

Laura Annalina
5 years ago
8 posts

I use a bobby pin to put beads on mine. But you have to make sure the entire bobby pin will fit through the hole of the bead. Kind of like threading a needle I suppose.

5 years ago
597 posts

whenever you want (just be sure to keep moving them if you don't want them to get stuck!) & i use a string through the hole & put my dread into it & pull it through, or once they are more solid you can just stick the tip through.

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