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You can't handle the truth

Sundaresh Venugopal
4 years ago
3 posts

If you are curious to know the truth, here it is,

The truth came down into this world in person and crucified itself at the beginning of time, so that in no time to come can any person be crucified ever again for being truthful.

The way came down into this world in person and crucified itself at the beginning of time, so that in no time to come can any person be crucified ever again for following the way.

The life came down into this world in person and crucified itself at the beginning of time, so that in no time to come can any person be crucified ever again for living the life.

Sadly, the only thing that has been defaced worse than the person of god is the word of god. But the good news only gets better. This is just the appetizer for starters, and you cannot even begin to imagine the meal that the truth has spread out for you, should you choose to have it.It only culminates with your exit out of this fools paradise, and your entry into the kingdom of heaven.

Of course, if you are looking for the truth elsewhere, the only unalterable and unchanging truth that you will discover the hard way is "Some things are worth stealing, and some things are'nt worth giving away".

If you must know, even God himself had to fall back on, and take recourse to the truth, in the person of his son, to try and save this degenerate world of his. Like in any family, both the future and the hope of the mother and the father always rests in their son, and what a peach of a son god has ! In this case, at least, whether they like it or not, the son is better than both the dad and mum.

I wonder who would'nt want you to even know "about the truth",if not "the truth".

There is always hairy-stuff, that make your hair stand up, if you care to dig deeper.

updated by @sundaresh-venugopal: 01/13/15 10:05:51PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
28,419 posts

you cant prove this is true

this is your belief

so maybe we can or cant handle your belief

but the truth is much easier to handle

its also easy to deny when your belief contradicts the truth

thruths like a unuiverse millions and billions of years older then you believe

truths like evolution

in fact beliefs couldnt handle the truths of the earth being round or circling the sun not everything circling theearth

its those that believe so blindly that cant handle the truths and have killed some of the smartest men ever to live just to prevent truths from being known

so who cant handle the truth?

its ok to belieeve all you want to believe

but to claim everyone else cant handle the truths rediculouse

lets examine the facts

in your truth you have dragons and giants talking bushes more water ten exists on the planet drowning everyone and oh yes lets niot forget the entire human race being the mutant offspring of insest

oh ofcourse every animal was a mutant offspring of insest since only 2 of each were on a boat

and ofcourse we cant igniore the fact that noah somehow traveled the world saving 2 of every species when millions of species had not even been discovered yet and possibly millions still havent to this day

dont remember a mention of 2 sasquaches

now lets look at the truth

we see millions of stars in the sky more then you can count the distance to these stars are known distances as is the speed of light

if the universe was only 6 thousand years old youd only see a ciouple hundred stars as the light from the rest wouldnt reach us for millions of years

the fact we can see the stars proves they have been there far longer then you believe

evolutions about as solid scienbce as it gets in fact evolution can be observed in short lived species like fruite flies generation after generation sice natural selection happens at anb excelerated rate

it also is provable in the many breeds of pets wich through selective breeding have evolved from 1 another ofcourse thats had our influence to guide it but it still proves that evolution happens within species

in your belief man came 1st and all other animals tyhe next day

but thetruth is mans a recent evolved species that had millions of years of others before us dinasaurs and man never existed at the same time and neandrathakls and cro magnum and a hundred other pre-homosapeins came before us

whats the truth you cant handle?

the truth that chemistry created us..protein bonds forming simple dna wich formed micro organisms wich evolvedto sense light wich evolved to multi cell organisms wichy evolved to see in a very basic way wich evolved to get more complex and have verey basic eyes ..andbrains wich kept evolving ..and will evolve beyonsd us idf we dont make ourselves extinct

and heres a belief that yiu cant handle too the "right wing" much of wich is fueled by yiour belief cant handle the truth of global warming and vote against all attenmpts to control climate changew in fact a senetor stated in session "we know that global warmings a lie because god said hed never destroy us by floods again"

so that beliefs alowing them to decide our fate and pushes us towards extinction

we may never get to evolve beyond the brainy egomaniacidiots we are today

i wonder

have u ever examined your trurth and tried to prove its true with an open mind or do you just go arou8nd repeating it without thougfht trying tio shove it down peoples throughts yet you cant prove 1 bit of its true

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
28,419 posts

and sadly your extremely confused even in your beliefsystem there was no crucifiction atthe begining of time thast was far closer to now then it was then

6000 years totakl cruciufiction 2000 yearsago ..

try again

and that was not the end of crucifictions they continued as a way of punishment for quite awhile

and today there are still people put to death for thinking they are god

how many cults pop up and have a leader thinking they are a god then they bob the comkplex

all this stuff you thinks so amazing even thiugh you barely understand it and have all your "facts' wrong is just run of the mill human behavior

therres a mental illness that causes thousands alive today tio believe thewy are gods hell i have personaly met closerto 100 gods and goddesses a couple eves

ofcourse many of these gods have a devil in thier lives they maybe married to the devil or thier parents are te devil or someone they know in fact most of the ppl they know are demons

this is nothing new

and when they convince eniough ppl that they are who they think they are they become a danger and are often killed

it didnt end with a certain crucifiction

it didnt begin with it either

thats just 1 of many..too many to count many history failed to remember

i guess if yoiu want to believe your welcome to it but if your going to preache that belief as truth maybe you should learn more about whbat you believe and all the solid science it contradicts too

and remember if things went down as u think then it was adam thast was crucified and all life..human life ended there and we dont exist

so if you believe you exist then you need to rethink what you just said

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
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