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Natural birth control...

Rafael Rodriguez
5 years ago
41 posts

I dont know of any ancient method to prevent pregnancy naturally other than rudimentary condoms (goat's intestines or so). About herbs I only know of how to cause very early abortions like before it forms a human body or so. I havent been able to experiment on that subject tho so as people have said, get a good job, use female condoms and the job will help in case you will have to buy diapers.

updated by @rafael-rodriguez: 07/24/15 12:49:48AM
5 years ago
6 posts

I know it's not as much protection as other methods but it's definitely natural and I believe works much much better than doing nothing, the withdraw method. I wouldn't use it alone though unless I was okay with having a baby but not actively trying.

Elaine Crittenden
5 years ago
18 posts
I am currently working two jobs and going to school.also I use cloth myself so WILL be using cloth on my children as well, and what makes it even better is I sew them myself.
Kelsey Cliche!
5 years ago
122 posts
Sounds like we have almost parallel lives! I'm also in school, 2 jobs, no kids yet, and planning to go off the pill next month. I'm going to check out some books at the library and study up. I'll let you know if I find a useful book!
Elaine Crittenden
5 years ago
18 posts
Thank you kelsey!
5 years ago
172 posts

I spoke too soon.. Dhealthstore is so informative about so many things..Mexican Wild Yam Root is a natural contraceptive.. You have to wait 7 weeks for it to kick in though, and you have to take it very consistently, but it works. I would watch the video if you could, and maybe call the number in the description in order to buy it.. most of the links on his videos no longer works but he generally still has whatever the product is.

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