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Location: Red Bluff, CA
Zipcode: 96080
Country: US


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On the swing.
Me again...
A walk in the park.
My baby girl!!
Uriah's dreads from behind again
Uriah's dreads, closer from above
Uriah's dreads closer
Uriah's dreads full back
Deep thought?
2 months?....
My nephew and I!


tinkerbell the rainbow fairy
04/23/10 02:52:44AM @tinkerbell-the-rainbow-fairy:
wishing you a magic day full of love and fairy lightsbig hugs xxx

tinkerbell the rainbow fairy
04/22/10 11:18:55AM @tinkerbell-the-rainbow-fairy:

sending you a big hug of love and light xxxx

04/07/10 08:44:28PM @zen:
hey thanks for accepting.peace&love_zen

Island Mamma
03/27/10 01:37:52AM @island-mamma:
Hey mama love your pics, you are beautiful and have a beautiful family. :)

01/07/10 09:06:30AM @summer:
Thank you for the friendship mama! Your children are beautiful! Hope to talk soon:)

Lonnie Berg
12/15/09 05:05:29PM @lonnie-berg:

12/02/09 08:45:53PM @sadangel777:
You are so beautiful! I love your dreads!

Lonnie Berg
11/25/09 10:25:45AM @lonnie-berg:
My Beautiful Friend, I took the liberty of adding you as a featured member, hope you don't mind. I'll remove it if you want, Love You Momma, namaste'

Lonnie Berg
11/20/09 11:09:15AM @lonnie-berg:
Happy Birthday My Beautiful Friend, hoping you have the best Birthday ever and everysong you hear is a favorite.Love, Love, Love, namaste'

Skanking Ank
11/15/09 07:50:07AM @skanking-ank:
wish you a perfect sunday!

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