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Denver K


Country: US


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bryan dready bear
09/08/12 08:47:45PM @bryan-dready-bear:

Welcome denver

Baba Fats
09/08/12 10:52:41AM @baba-fats:


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/08/12 10:38:14AM @soaring-eagle:

11/06/12 09:18:52PM @hailey:

Oh thank you for the comment you too! Lol i'm only now checking my wall. hahaha

Misa Nakashima
11/06/12 11:54:33AM @misa-nakashima:

Thanks for the warm welcome {':

Dee Saw
11/05/12 12:51:50PM @chey-mckenzie:

Hey star! thanks for the friendship! you got a cute little baby there :)

Michelle Johnson
10/30/12 09:30:29PM @michelle-johnson:

Thank you pretty lady! I have a hard time sticking to natural hair color :/ Infact it is no longer blonde! hah! Thanks for the friend <3

10/29/12 07:21:16AM @marnie:

You're welcome Star

10/24/12 04:15:22PM @darkstar:

Ouch. That's not fun at all. I decided to open the oil cap on my engine one day while it was still hot. And it exploded all over my face. I see bad things in slow motion as they are happening, so While the oil was in the air, I was already backing away and had time to rip my shirt off and wipe down my face, but I still got burned a little too, and I swallowed a nasty bit of oil

I hope you're feeling better, though. That's never something enjoyable

10/24/12 07:13:39AM @darkstar:

Jesus. Yeah, good thing about the glasses. What happened?

I work in a lab Mondays and Wednesdays. Luckily we aren't working with anything dangerous right now, but glasses are a godsend

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