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dreadlocks shampoo
David Anderson


Location: Milwaukee, WI
Zipcode: 53211
Country: US


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hippie mama
01/18/10 09:54:54PM @hippie-mama:
thanx for the comment but yeah the older picture of my son was last spring so he was probably like 11 months at the time and now hes almost 20 months. but the definatelt grow really fast!!!im sure youve already experienced that. gotta love them

does it matter
01/13/10 07:54:29PM @does-it-matter:
dood you navigating the site alrite, how often to you go on here? hope you're well on yoru way to obsorbign muchos info and on yoru way towards the dready light ~ lve ya homes

Lonnie Berg
01/09/10 12:00:55PM @lonnie-berg:
Thank you for reaching out My Brother, I am honored and hope to see ya round and share with ya often, namaste'

Lonnie Berg
01/08/10 12:33:09PM @lonnie-berg:
Welcome Brother, we're glad you're here. You'll find a lotta helpful folks and info here, hope we'll see ya round often, namaste'

jordan moore
09/09/11 06:54:07PM @jordan-moore:

thank you :)

its been a great journey thus far

09/09/11 07:20:46AM @nicoleina:

Veryveryvery hawt dreads. ;) Such a tease. You apparently know my weakness, mistah.

jordan moore
09/07/11 01:33:50PM @jordan-moore:

hello my friend!

u have some verrry beautiful locks


09/06/11 08:29:45PM @tisha2fly:

duuuuude you're from minnesota! that's bomb!

mimi mi
09/06/11 07:12:15PM @mimi-mi:

Thanks for the add man, you have very nice dreads. :) I hope everything is great in your life, farewell!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/27/11 03:07:38AM @soaring-eagle:

i understand what your saying byt because it maked dreading actualy take longer its still not a smart thing to do but yoir right doing it 1 times not going to be dread death .. tho it s bnot a good idea either

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