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Daniel Hörnberg


Location: Uppsala
Country: SE


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1 year dreadlocks update n stuff!

Me and mah roommate talk about 1 year with locks on our heads. Mine is natural and Davids (his) is made with backcombing from start. Yeeaah!
Alexia Sepe-Gomez
03/21/13 04:58:20PM @alexia-sepe-gomez:

Too Cute! :) liked this video..btw i say we should all do our videos in our undies and robes ;) MWAH One Love!

shannon marie mavity
07/09/12 01:31:25PM @shannon-marie-mavity:

haha this video is funny to me. both of yawls dreads look great. i like the natural dreads myself just because of all the crazy loops

Daniel Hörnberg
04/08/12 01:56:18PM @daniel-hrnberg:

Thanks! :) Acually i havent forced him to go natural or ever said that his way of maintaining the dreads where "wrong". But now after just living with him for a while he have decided to stop do these roots and crochet stuff and will just try to let it go natural the rest of the way :) As a follower or Jesus i've learned that humbleness and love is the best way of changing things. Anything from saving hurt dreads to saving hurt world. Namaste!

Daniel Hörnberg
03/10/12 03:03:40PM @daniel-hrnberg:

Allright, no harm done ;) Heh thanks for the advices bro. I've been hangin out on this site since i started my journey a year ago so i've learned alot. I do a bs wash now and then too, it's really nice :)

03/09/12 12:24:42PM @c21dread:

it wasnt a dig at you as a person man just bad advice in my humble opinion. but you should still put trews on for speaking in public lol

For everybodies information - the best advice i EVER had was the bicarb wash from Soaring Eagle on this site. that is the only different 'hair care' thing I have ever twists , wax , whatever whatever nothing nada zilch. I only learned the bicarb thing a couple months back but i will be using it for ever now.

as for needing to keep clean i guess it depends on what kind of work or lifestyle you have - I have worked in construction and events staging most of my life so reg cleaning has been essential due to contaminants (oil, cement, dirty scaffolding etc etc.) which dreads pick up much easier (for comparison look at the conifer type trees they plant around the city - they are full of soot and other sh*t from cars etc) - also road dirt from riding my motorbike.

In non work life i keep covered with a tam mainly - not possible on site (or bike) as you need the hard hat on - unless you are a Sikh there is no way round it in uk

TRUE like you say hair does 'self clean' to an extent with the natural oils from your skin BUT being 'dreaded' it cannot shed the skin so easy (dandruff) this is when bacteria can breed and problems start as the dead skin is trapped in the hair

- also gives you an itchy scalp - breaks the skin when you scratch and lets bacteria in. = more problems.

I have never had any 'problems' other than the amount of time it takes (took) to wash it.

I used to just use regular shampoo until i came across this site and it is AMAZING the difference it has made - the time factor for one - i used to have to write off at least a day to wash my hair - now it is a couple of hours max- brilliant -

THIS is the ONLY 'maintenance' I have done other than reg shampoo wash - which i will never go back to.

also you dont get the soap residue (hard to rinse completely out) with bicarb so you dont get that kind of dry hard feeling when there is soap left in your hair

so basically the hair is much softer beacause it hasnt got the shampoo stuck in it. and it takes like half an hour to wash instead of 3-4-5 hours - and it drys faster because it is lighter

i used to live by a river with a bit of fast flow and used to just go and stick my head in the fastest flowing part - that worked great! but i have been back in the cities for a while now and not had that luxury

BICARB wash is the best! and ONLY thing for me.

just my 2 cents worth



Daniel Hörnberg
03/09/12 08:11:25AM @daniel-hrnberg:

Haha, some of you guys really lack of humor ;) Is underwear somehow scary or someth? haha, youre adorable. Since when do dreadlock updates have to be proper?

And btw. My friend may have a bit "unhealty" dreads. But they are clean acually, no funny smell or anythin. And i agree that you should was your dreads to get out shit. But the hair acually maintain itself after a while and wont get so dirty as you may think.

And it's a misunderstanding that he tell people that his dreading method is the best. Its more lika a story of how he maintain his locks.

Take things in moderation folks ;)

But thanks for watching :) And thank you naturalist :)


Naked Naturalist
03/07/12 06:13:53AM @naked-naturalist:

guy in the guns n roses shirt is totally adorable.

03/07/12 06:03:32AM @c21dread:

put some trousers on man!! ??? terrible advice :( wha gwarn SE ?? how come u have this up bro?

Kath Huff
03/07/12 05:24:59AM @kath-huff:

Ok saw the undies, and im outta here LMFAO hahahaha.. dont even care about he advice.. im gone.

!!emoji!!1!!emoji!! soaring eagle ॐ
03/06/12 11:30:55AM @soaring-eagle:

the 1 guys got very bad advice

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